Awesome designs

Awesome designs

Very clever designs. A couch with playing space for cats This bench has solar panels to charge your phone. Street murals that come to life ...

Weird Wednesday- June 26, 2019

Weird Wednesday- June 26, 2019

This gallery is a little strange. Enjoy!

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Kenneth Petty get marriage license

Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Kenneth Petty get marriage license

Nicki Minaj teased she's in a "happy place" now that she and boyfriend Kenneth Petty have obtained a marriage license. During a new ...

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Drunk guy on endless escalator

This guy is going places

Kesha on crutches after knee surgery

Pop star Kesha is hobbling around on crutches after undergoing surgery for a knee injury. The Tik Tok hitmaker tripped and fell while performing at the RedfestDXB Dubai Festival in the United Arab Emirates on 9 February, and subsequently revealed she had torn her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The injury forced the singer to postpone […]

Owner teaches dog the best trick ever

This is why we call them “man’s best friend”

Daily Dose- March 12, 2018

Start your Monday morning off right with today’s Daily Dose!

Daily Dose- March 12, 2018 (2)


Oprah: ‘I wouldn’t have been a good mum’

Oprah Winfrey insists she would have been a terrible mother because she can’t communicate with anyone who cannot speak. The former TV talk show host sat down for Gwyneth Paltrow’s first goop podcast earlier this week and opened up about her relationship with kids. Oprah told the actress she could never do what she has […]

Hugh Grant has ‘welcomed his fifth child’ says ex Elizabeth Hurley

Hugh Grant has become a father for the fifth time according to his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley. The 57-year-old Notting Hill actor and his TV producer girlfriend Anna Eberstein reportedly welcomed their third child last week. The couple were last pictured together in February on the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards in London, with Anna […]

Wave rolls under a frozen lake

As far as we understand, the wake from a big cargo ship flowed under the ice, breaking it into isolated chunks. We also didn’t realize that this was a thing before now…

Childhood Memories

Ahh yes, another trip down nostalgia lane…

Childhood Memories (2)