Motivational Monday- December 9, 2019

Motivational Monday- December 9, 2019

Motivate yourself. Do it now!

Monday Eats! December 9, 2019

Monday Eats! December 9, 2019

Monday eats to help you decide what to have for lunch!

Adam Sandler loves ‘every movie’ he’s made

Adam Sandler loves 'every movie' he's made

Adam Sandler never knows what people mean when they refer to the "downs" of his career - because he loves every movie ...

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Monday mornings should be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.


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Animals are awesome

These animals are the coolest

Animals are awesome (2)

Animals are awesome (3)

There were so many awesome animals, we just had to add a third page!

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” but it spells out “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Not a single note is silent. What an impressive job.

Kesha set to release documentary about new album

Kesha is releasing a tell-all documentary detailing the making of her latest album, Rainbow. The TiK Tok singer dropped the trailer for the Apple Music documentary on Monday and shared her excitement with fans on Twitter ahead of its release on 10 August. Rainbow – The Film looks set to shed light on the creative process […]

Weird Wednesday- August 1, 2018

It’s about to get weird up in here

Weird Wednesday- August 1, 2018 (2)

500 dollar bottle flip

Kid: 1, Dad: broke

Police investigating Twitter threats aimed at Corey Feldman

Former child star Corey Feldman has called in officers from the Los Angeles Police Department after allegedly receiving threats to his safety via social media. The Lost Boys actor claims he has been bombarded with nasty messages from four different Twitter accounts after he blocked another user for wishing him harm. "If longing to see […]

Who’s hungry for 250 lbs of gummy pizza?

Diabetes at no extra cost