Tuesday Meme Dump- December 10, 2019

Tuesday Meme Dump- December 10, 2019

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Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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Ice Bucket Challenge pioneer dead at 34

Ice Bucket Challenge pioneer dead at 34

The former college baseball star who became the brains behind the viral Ice Bucket Challenge craze in 2014 has succumbed to the ...

Motivational Monday- December 9, 2019

Motivational Monday- December 9, 2019

Motivate yourself. Do it now!

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Ya hungry?

Every time owner asks if she’s hungry, she answers!


Horoscope: Dec. 8-14

OVERVIEW: Navigate around manipulation or anything that feels unreal. There seems to be subtle power plays going on. Those who jockey for control may not be entitled to it in the greater scheme of things. ?Back-room deals will be found out and explanations required. Don’t be swayed by emotion or sympathy as its time to make […]

Interesting body facts

These facts about the human body are so cool!

Interesting body facts (2)

MORE interesting body facts.

Jurassic Park theme song (melodica rendition)

This is why the internet was created…

Howling at a firetruck

Great Dane wakes up to howl at a firetruck.

Best of Seven: Selfies- December 5, 2019

These ladies are proud of their selfies (as they should be), and want you to vote!

Lil Wayne launches ‘super strong’ brand of weed

Lil Wayne has launched his own personal brand of weed. The rapper has been heavily involved in his latest passion project, and promised the strain he has developed contains the "highest natural levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) available". Out now in Los Angeles, GKUA Ultra Premium is available as a flower and concentrate, as well as […]