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Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t miss acting full-time

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't miss acting full-time

Gwyneth Paltrow finds it "so weird" that she doesn't miss acting full-time. The actress featured in a number of popular films throughout the ...

Accidental camouflage

Accidental camouflage

This gallery is all about blending right in

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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Best of Seven: Selfies- October 11, 2018

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The most awkward moment in television history

Get ready to cringe with this clip

The only way Spider-man 3 pitch could have gone

We hope you like sarcasm… also if you haven’t seen the movie, there are spoilers.  

Daily Dose

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Aretha Franklin’s family leaning on one another to pull through grief

Aretha Franklin’s loved ones have taken the late music legend’s advice and pulled together as a family to overcome the loss of the Queen of Soul. The Respect singer died in August after losing a long battle with pancreatic cancer, and her grandson Jordan Franklin reveals her relatives are still trying to fill the hole she […]

Delivery fails

Hey, at least they tried? Kinda..

Delivery fails (2)

These attempts are pretty sad

I think your car is broken

Might want to get that looked at…

Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus respond to mean tweets

Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus have responded to mean Twitter messages as part of a humorous TV segment. The singers both appeared on the latest all-music edition of Mean Tweets, in which celebrities read critical tweets about themselves, as part of Tuesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. To kick off the segment, Gwen read […]