Weekend Awesomeness – August 30, 2015

Weekend Awesomeness - August 30, 2015

Make sure you are balancing your time wasting and productivity this weekend.

Dream Designs

Dream Designs

10 incredibly well designed rooms or homes you wish you lived in.

Horoscope:  Aug 30 – Sept 5

Horoscope: Aug 30 - Sept 5

Emotions swing up and down when trying to settle on a line of approach. Take as much time as you need to ...

Jessica Biel’s daily workouts

Jessica Biel's daily workouts

Jessica Biel got her pre-pregnancy figure back by working out "almost every day." The 33-year-old actress, who gave birth to son Silas in ...


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Game of Thrones leads Emmy nominations

'Game of Thrones' leads the nominations for the 67th annual Primetime Emmy Awards with a staggering 24 nods. The fantasy drama series has the most chance of triumphing at the forthcoming ceremony thanks to its huge number of places on the shortlists – including being up for the coveted Outstanding Drama Series prize alongside 'Better […]


Time Waster – July 16, 2015

Waste as much time as you feel is necessary to make this day better.


Time Waster – July 16, 2015 (2)

Can you believe it’s Friday tomorrow? Believe it or not, it will still be Friday tomorrow!

Gravity sucks

Gravity sucks

Cats always land on their feet and these people don’t! *Explicit Language*  

Recorder Beatbox

Recorder Beatbox

It’s exactly what it sounds like but 100 times better than you think.


Snoop Dogg angers locals

Snoop Dogg has riled the residents of an English town where he is set to headline Mutiny festival. The 43-year-old rapper will perform at Fontwell Park Racecourse at the sold-out event this weekend but locals have staged an emergency meeting because they are unhappy with the chaos and 'expletives' that Snoop will cause and it […]

Evil puppy

Evil puppy

Thor the Shih Tzu Puppy meets Simba the Orange Tabby Cat for the first time and decides to lock him up into the dog kennel!

Enema of the Asylum

Album Cover Parodies

Enjoy the brilliance and creativity of these great album cover parodies.

Rage Against the Mystery Machine - Evil Villains

Album Cover Parodies (2)

Some of these album covers actually look better than the originals.


Meghan Trainor cleared to sing

Meghan Trainor has been cleared to sing again following a haemorrhage on her vocal chords. The ‘Dear Future Husband’ hitmaker had been forced to cancel a number of shows in an attempt to recover and has revealed on Instagram that she is all better now. She wrote: ”Great news!!! DOCTOR SAYS IM OK TO SING!! […]