Please explain

Please explain

On second thought... we don't want to know what's going on here.

Celine Dion ‘deeply touched’ by support from fans following her mum’s death

Celine Dion 'deeply touched' by support from fans following her mum's death

Celine Dion has thanked fans for helping her through a tough time following her mum's death. Therese Dion, a mother of 14, was ...

Children are funny

Children are funny

These kids keep things interesting...

Daily awesomeness

Daily awesomeness

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Lili Reinhart: ‘Luke Perry’s spirit visited me in my sleep’

Lili Reinhart believes the spirit of her late Riverdale co-star Luke Perry visited her in her sleep. The 23-year-old actress has been open about struggling to come to terms with Luke's death, after he passed away aged 52 last March following a stroke. And on Wednesday, Lili told her followers on Twitter and Instagram Stories that […]

Best of Seven: Dresses- February 20, 2020

These girls got all dressed up and want your vote!

Justin Bieber maintains ‘there’s absolutely no way’ Tom Cruise would beat him in a fight

Justin Bieber was riled up by James Corden on Carpool Karaoke on Tuesday night, as the talk show host said he'd back Tom Cruise to beat the singer in a fight. The Yummy star hit headlines last year when he challenged the Mission: Impossible star to a fight via a post on Twitter. And as he […]

Talking parrot invents unique name for the color orange

Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot perches on the kitchen faucet and practices saying his colors. He asks, “What colors?” He answers, “Oran” a funny abbreviation that he invented for the color orange. He also discovered that the sound also sounds like the roar of a lion. Roar-an! He mentions green and purple too, and gives […]

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Kerry Washington annoyed by quote taken ‘out of context’

Actress Kerry Washington has been left saddened after having a recent interview quote “taken out of context”. The Scandal star shared her dissatisfaction at her media coverage in a Twitter post on Wednesday. “You’d think after all these years I’d have toughened up a bit but SOMETIMES when a quote of mine gets taken out […]

Dog memes

Dog memes. Need we say more?

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