Tattuesday- June 25, 2019

Tattuesday- June 25, 2019

Check out some awesome permanent body art.

Tuesday Meme Dump- June 25, 2019

Tuesday Meme Dump- June 25, 2019

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Daily Dose

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Ashley Tisdale honours late pet at funeral service

Ashley Tisdale honours late pet at funeral service

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale has laid her beloved pet dog to rest. The High School Musical star's beloved Maui passed away last ...


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Family pranks mom with giant fake bug in cupboard

They got her good.  

Maren Morris: ‘Sharing opinions is an American right’

Maren Morris has called on more country artists to speak up for causes they believe in. The 29-year-old has always used her platform to champion worthy causes, whether its through her hard-hitting lyrics or on her social media accounts. And in an interview with Playboy magazine, the musician insisted she won't hold back on her […]

Mango, pineapple, banana

Vietnam woman goes from Lionel Ritchie to mango magic.  


Horoscope: June 23-29

OVERVIEW:  It’s a good idea to sleep in if you need to recover, most things can wait. There may be a lesson in this for some. Consider cutting back or quitting. Discuss this with those affected by your behaviour. Take off the rose-coloured glasses if you expect much change. Know when to move on. Have […]

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Carrie Underwood sued over football theme

Country star Carrie Underwood has been dragged into another plagiarism spat over her Sunday Night Football theme song Game On. Heidi Merrill, who enjoyed success with sports themed Cornhusker Strong in 2015, has filed suit against the singer, accusing her of recording a song she passed on to the Jesus Take the Wheel hitmaker’s producer […]

Mini motor bike wheelie

Taylor Swift ‘much lighter’ now she’s no longer feuding with Katy Perry

Taylor Swift's life became "much lighter" after her Katy Perry feud ended. The pair fell out when the Roar singer nabbed her pop rival's dancers for a tour, and they bickered in the media and in the lyrics to their songs for several years before Katy urged Taylor to stop fighting with her and become […]

Fun on the train

This artist is super talented… and he puts his talent to good use.