Daily Dose – April 27, 2017

Daily Dose - April 27, 2017

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Johnny Depp denies out of control spending led to financial woes

Johnny Depp denies out of control spending led to financial woes

Johnny Depp has denied claims that his financial woes have been caused by out of control spending. In January, the Pirates of the ...

Even grown ups can’t resist these awesome playgrounds

Even grown ups can't resist these awesome playgrounds

A Danish company called MONSTRUM is changing the idea of what a playground can be. They've been making incredible playgrounds since 2003, ...

Weird Wednesday – April 26, 2017

Weird Wednesday - April 26, 2017

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Monday Sports Gifs – April 24, 2017 (2)

Time to weigh in.   untitled untitled Kyle Schwarber’s perfect bunt untitled untitled What Will Be Your Reaction When Its Happens To you…..? untitled untitled untitled Golf bowling

A mesmerizing video of a toy train staying on the circular track, thanks to a robot hand

It’s incredibly fascinating to watch the robot hand remove and place tracks just at the nick of time for the toy train to pass.

No Doubt bassist hopeful for a reunion after ‘indefinite hiatus’

No Doubt bass player Tony Kanal has assured fans the band will play again amid reports of a split. The band hasn't worked together since singer Gwen Stefani's marriage split in 2015, and now her bandmates, Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont, have formed a new group, called DREAMCAR, with AFI frontman Davey Havok. As […]

How to tap a keg if you want the beer to shoot out the side and make a total mess

First, forget to vent your cask. Then, before you hammer the tap all the way in, break something for pre-geyser embarrassment.

Monday Eats! – April 24, 2017

We’re bringing in the XXXXXXXXXXXL version of Monday Eats!

Monday Eats! – April 24, 2017 (2)

Try to keep the drool contained.

Back in the late 90’s Will Smith was offered the role of Neo in ‘The Matrix’ but he turned it down.

In one of the most famous cases of actors turning down roles, Will Smith did just that for the role of Neo in The Matrix. The role instead went to Keanu Reeves and Will Smith went onto do Wild Wild West. Here’s a trailer that shows what the film might’ve looked like had he been […]

Guardians of the Galaxy star would like to see a female Doctor Who

It's time for an actress to play Doctor Who, according to the TV timelord's former sidekick Karen Gillan. The Guardians of the Galaxy star has faith BBC bosses will make the right choice about current Doctor Peter Capaldi's replacement – but she'd like to see a woman in the role. "I trust the BBC and […]

Dog decides to steal players’ gloves during a softball game

A dog took to the field during a college softball game and proceeded to grab multiple players’ gloves.

Daily Dose – April 24, 2017

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