Birds Eye Views

Birds Eye Views

Some incredible views if, you know, you could fly

Horoscope: July 24-30

Horoscope: July 24-30

Overview for all signs Negotiate or bargain in personal or business areas. Take the time to weigh all the options before settling a choice ...

Justin Bieber’s lion warning

Justin Bieber's lion warning

Justin Bieber has been warned not to pose with exotic animals. The 22-year-old singer has received a letter from the Toronto Animal Service, ...

Weekend Awesomeness – July 23, 2016

Weekend Awesomeness – July 23, 2016

There's enough awesomeness in this gallery to get you through your Saturday!


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Lip syncing on a seven hour road trip

Lip syncing on a seven hour road trip

I would GLADLY go on a road trip with this guy!


Mila Kunis was shamed for breastfeeding

Mila Kunis was shamed for breastfeeding in public. The 'Bad Moms' star – who is expecting her second child with husband Ashton Kutcher – admitted she was left feeling "weird" when people glared at her disapprovingly when she was nursing daughter Wyatt, now 21 months, while out and about. She said: "It always made my […]

Shirt off my back

Shirt off my back

Advertising done right!


Britney wants duet with Selena Gomez

Britney Spears wants to record a duet with Selena Gomez. The 34-year-old pop superstar has gone public with her wish to get in the studio with Selena, 23, by messaging her on Twitter. Britney was responding to a Snapchat video posted by a Selena Gomez fan account on the social networking site in which the […]


Funny license plates

Some inspiration if you need to renew your license.


Funny license plates (2)

Going to need a plate now…


Damon: Affleck hogs the best roles

Matt Damon can’t work with Ben Affleck again until his friend stops keeping the “best roles” for himself. The two stars shot to fame with their 1997 movie ‘Good Will Hunting’, and while they are keen to write another script together, the ‘Jason Bourne’ actor admits their “grown-up lives” get in the way. And with […]


Best of Seven Selfies – July 21, 2016

Who wears glasses the best?


Time Waster – July 21, 2016

The week has been busy. You’re losing sleep. The boss wants the Johnson Report on his desk by noon. You should take a break!


Time Waster – July 21, 2016 (2)

Break time’s not over yet!