Monday Awesomeness – August 31, 2015

Monday Awesomeness - August 31, 2015

It may be the last day of August, but that doesn't mean it can't be awesome!  

Monday Gif-Fest – Failure

Monday Gif-Fest - Failure

A collection of moving pictures filled with failure.

Classic Celebrity Photos

Classic Celebrity Photos

So we dug these up for you. Can you guess who they all are?        

Miley exposes breast, passes around joint

Miley exposes breast, passes around joint

Miley Cyrus exposed her nipple and passed around a lit joint at the MTV Video Music Awards last night (08.30.15). The 22-year-old singer ...


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Weekend Waster – August 29, 2015 (2)

We hope this gallery is only a part of a great weekend!

People are Awesome 2015 (So Far)

People are Awesome 2015 (So Far)

Just sit back and enjoy all the awesomeness in this video.

Screwball Scramble

Screwball Scramble

Why don’t they make games like this anymore?

05 - plJT9Is

Animals are Awesome

A collection of animals acting awesome in every single way!

14 - I9slAT2

Animals are Awesome (2)

If you haven’t been completely overwhelmed with cuteness (yeah, I said cuteness) then here’s some more awesome animals.


Spike Lee for honorary Oscar

Spike Lee, Gena Rowlands and Debbie Reynolds are to receive honorary Oscars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced that they will be handing out the special gongs to the filmmaker and two actresses at the annual Governors Awards ceremony in November. And when Spike was told about his award, which he […]


TGIF Awesomeness – August 28, 2015

The final Friday of August needs to be awesome so make it so!


TGIF Awesomeness – August 28, 2015 (2)

We at hope you had as awesome an August as we did!

Cell phone fails

Cell phone fails

The funniest mobile phone, selfie and iPad fails in one funny compilation. *Explicit Language*

Unbelievable play for touchdown

Unbelievable play for touchdown

This QB channels his inner ninja to pull off an amazing touchdown.