The best eclipse shots from yesterday

The best eclipse shots from yesterday

Yesterday millions of people were staring at the same thing through doofy glasses and pinhole viewers, as they tried to catch a ...

Daily Dose – August 22, 2017

Daily Dose - August 22, 2017

Do as this Daily Dose tells you.

Emilia Clarke’s sleepless nights over Game of Thrones finale

Emilia Clarke's sleepless nights over Game of Thrones finale

Emilia Clarke is tossing and turning at night over filming her final scenes for hit show Game of Thrones. The British beauty and ...

Monday Sports Gifs – August 21, 2017

Monday Sports Gifs - August 21, 2017

We've got some death(ish) defying sports highlights all cued up! untitled Leg power is nothing without control untitled Mitchell Moses' inside ball for Will Smith, who ...

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Husky talking about his new bed

This husky really, REALLY likes his new bed

Daily Dose – August 21, 2017

Today’s Daily Dose captures how we all feel coming back to work

Daily Dose – August 21, 2017 (2)

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Taylor Swift sparks comeback talk as she clears social media pages

Taylor Swift has left fans with a Blank Space after clearing her social media pages and making her official website go dark. Devotees noticed something was going on on Friday when the pop superstar deleted her avatar photo and header on both Twitter and Facebook, and removed all posts from her Instagram page, which boasts […]

Here’s a DIY way you can safely view the solar eclipse

NASA just released an enlightening video explaining how to make a pinhole camera from humble kitchen cardboard to view the eclipse safely and easily, and without splurging on fancy eyewear. The clip has all the instructions; all you need is a cereal box, a piece of paper, aluminum foil, tape, and scissors. Happy eclipse watching!

Paris Hilton apologizes for slamming Trump sexual assault accusers

Paris Hilton has apologised for defaming women who have accused U.S. President Donald Trump of sexual assault. The American leader was slammed during his presidential election campaign last year when audio from a now infamous Access Hollywood TV chat, in which Trump was heard boasting about forcibly grabbing women by the genitals without their permission, […]

The most epic long exposure shots ever

Usually, we are viewing photos that capture a short moment in time, but these pictures are completely different.

The most epic long exposure shots ever (2)

There is no fixed definition of what constitutes “long” because a 30-minute picture of a static object might not be distinguishable from a short exposure.

Rescuing cats from super tall trees

As professional arborists, brothers-in-law Tom Otto and Shaun Sears are quite adept at climbing trees. The cats that they rescue are not. And with a plethora of trees—and cats—around Seattle, they decided to put their off hours to good use and return scared, stuck kitties to their worried owners. Working completely off donations, these two […]

Don Cheadle defends rapper Logic over Kendrick Lamar video comparisons

Don Cheadle has jumped to the defense of rapper Logic after the MC was accused of copying Kendrick Lamar by recruiting the actor for his new music video. 1-800-273-8255, Logic's collaboration with singers Alessia Cara and Khalid, deals with depression and suicidal thoughts and the accompanying promo stars Cheadle as the father of a gay […]