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Jennifer Aniston was ‘hurt by false pregnancy reports’

Jennifer Aniston was 'hurt by false pregnancy reports'

Jennifer Aniston was reportedly left "hurt" after seeing a report in a U.S. magazine which claimed she was pregnant with her ex-husband ...

That’s just wrong

That's just wrong

Prepare to be enraged

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Friday Fails- December 14, 2018

These fails are pretty epic

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Fluffy dog refuses to come in from the snow

Enzo is just not having it

Richard E. Grant’s crush on Barbra Streisand has lasted 50 years

Richard E. Grant can't shake his teen obsession with Barbra Streisand. The actor fell in love with the diva when he saw Funny Girl at the age of 12 and admits he was gutted when she married James Brolin 20 years ago, because he thought he had a chance of romancing his idol. "The day […]

Fifteen jump ropers perform “Subway ” trick together

I wonder how long it took them to master this

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Tommy Lee reunites with son

Rocker Tommy Lee and his son Brandon have repaired their relationship following a very public bust-up earlier this year. The father and son had a massive falling out after getting into a physical fight with each other in March and in June, Tommy reignited the feud by sharing an Instagram post on Father’s Day, admitting that […]

These people were made for their jobs

Mere coincidence or did these people get jobs specifically matched to their names?  

Get staffed

Ever wondered what your life would be like if you sold all your stuff and spent the money hiring people to do whatever you wanted? A very short comedy film that follows the story of a man who did just that. Starring Jack Barry