TGIF Gifs- May 29, 2020

TGIF Gifs- May 29, 2020

Moving pics to start the weekend early.

Bad days happen

Bad days happen

These people aren't having a great Friday.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Happy Friday! It's finally here, so sit back and enjoy your morning with the Dose.

Lady Gaga celebrating album release with $100,000 charity donation

Lady Gaga celebrating album release with $100,000 charity donation

Lady Gaga is turning her album release into a charitable affair by donating up to $100,000 to a hunger relief fund. The pop ...

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Chippendales Vs Dance dads!

The ultimate dance off.

Princess flies on magic carpet

Princess Jasmine flying alone due to social distancing.

Daily Dose

Good morning!

Daily Dose (2)

Halsey fractured ankle in dishwasher slip-up

Clumsy Halsey fractured her ankle in a silly kitchen accident. The Without Me singer posted a photo of her leg in a medical boot on Instagram last week, revealing she did “a stupid idiot thing”, but she did not expand on how she injured herself. On Tuesday, during an appearance on Britain’s Capital Breakfast radio […]

Pencil top sculptures

These are incredible! Can you imagine carving something that small?!

Pencil top sculptures (2)

Kelly Rowland working hard to ensure son’s childhood is more ‘stable’ than her own

Kelly Rowland is doing everything in her power to ensure her son Titan's childhood is more "stable" than her own. The 39-year-old singer grew up as the daughter of Doris and Christopher, with her mother leaving her abusive alcoholic father when Kelly was six years old. Doris then took on a job as a nanny […]

Little girl keeps slipping while trying to climb up slide

This adventurous kid is trying her best to climb up the slide without using the stairs, but to much of her dad’s amusement she keeps slipping back down. A for effort!

Weird Zara model poses

Clothing retailer Zara is on a whole other level with selling their products.