Time Waster – July 22, 2014

Time Waster - July 22, 2014

Make today's time wasting official with a quick glace at this gallery that is filled with so much time wasting material you ...

Artsy Fartsy – July 22, 2014

Artsy Fartsy - July 22, 2014

Start your day by being amazed with the creativity and artistic talents of others.

Beyonce remixes Crazy In Love for Fifty Shades Of Grey

Beyonce remixes Crazy In Love for Fifty Shades Of Grey

Beyonce has hinted that she will perform on the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' soundtrack. The 32-year-old singer posted a teaser trailer for the ...

Random Awesomeness – July 21, 2014

Random Awesomeness - July 21, 2014

You are already more than halfway through your Monday, that's awesome. Now add a little more awesomeness with this gallery!


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5 - k4kAn91

I’m Stuck Mom!

Remember as kid when you thought you could fit anywhere? We all did it, and we were all wrong.


Ice T blasts modern hip-hop

Ice T doesn't want to make hip-hop music any more. The 56-year-old musician is releasing a new rock album with his thrash metal band Body Count and says this is the kind of music he prefers now as hip hop has lost its way. He said: ''Hip-hop's gone in a different direction – it's club […]

World Cup Trick Shots | Brodie Smith

World Cup Trick Shots | Brodie Smith

Brodie Smith took his frisbee down to Brazil for some epic trick shots!


Christina Milian is dating Lil Wayne?

Christina Milian's new romance with Lil Wayne is reportedly a publicity stunt. The 'Dip It Low' hitmaker, who recently ended her engagement with Jas Prince, was spotted holding hands with the rapper at the ESPY Awards in Los Angles last night (07.17.14), sparking rumours they're dating. A source told gossip website TMZ.com that they are […]


Horoscope: July 20 – 26

A push to climb the ladder can see some biting off more than they can chew. This is a time when slow and steady wins the race; keep rein on the ego. There are changes coming that will cause some to redirect their focus. Look at opportunities in other locations that might be a better […]


Classic Commercials – Pepsi

They sure don’t make commercials like this anymore. Is it just me, or is the kid in the red jacket the same guy that played Carlton on Fresh Prince?


Paul McCartney isn’t planning his retirement

Sir Paul McCartney says he'll retire when he ''feels like it''. The 'Hey Jude' singer has had an iconic career, but he insisted he is constantly learning new skills, which means he has no plans to call it quits just yet. The rocker has recalled an early show when The Beatles were still known as […]


Nine Lives – Teaser

If you love cats this might just be the movie for you.

kid art

Recreated Artwork

Telmo Pieper, a Dutch street and mural artist, revisited his childhood by creating awesome digital paintings called “Kiddie Arts” that reinterpret his childhood drawings.


Anti-Kardashian stickers

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are being targeted by Hamptons residents who want them out of the neighborhood. The reality TV sisters – who are in the sunny New York suburb filming new show ‘Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons’ – have had their faces plastered on anti-Kardashian stickers in a grass-roots effort to get them […]