Tattuesday- March 26, 2019

Tattuesday- March 26, 2019

These white ink tattoos are so cool

Tuesday Meme Dump- March 26, 2019

Tuesday Meme Dump- March 26, 2019

Hot memes, come get your hot memes!

Oprah Winfrey relaunching Book Club with new Apple initiative

Oprah Winfrey relaunching Book Club with new Apple initiative

Oprah Winfrey is reinventing her beloved Book Club with Apple. The media mogul appeared at a launch for the tech giant's streaming platform, ...

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Red or Black? Life savings on one Roulette Spin

Crazy gamble with entire life savings on one roulette spin!. Mad Englishman sells everything he owns and risks it all in Las Vegas. 1 spin. Double or nothing?  

84 year old Grandpa plays Videogames

84-year old grandpa plays some Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.  Who knew he’d react like this!

Call me Maybe bottles

Clearly these guys have too much time on their hands, but it looks like they put some of it to good use because this sounds awesome!

Beatboxing with a metronome at over 160bpm.

I know you’ve seen lots of beatboxing videos but I know you have not seen one like this!

Award Winning Style

Why, Why, Manti?

Katie Couric plays hardball with Manti Te’o, trying to uncover the truth behind his fake girlfriend & why he’d ever avoid letting the world hear his amazingly smoooooth Samoan baritone.

Best News Bloopers January 2013

A collection of the best news bloopers to hit the internet in January 2013. *explicit language*

Paper War

This is an awesome animated video you will want to share with your friend.  VERY WELL DONE!  

Runaway Snowmobile

Jackson Strong attempts a trick when things go wrong.

Car Crash Compilation 2012

Video of car crashes with original sound only!!! A reminder to always wear your seat belt! **Some explicit language**