Tuesday Meme Dump- March 26, 2019

Tuesday Meme Dump- March 26, 2019

Hot memes, come get your hot memes!

Oprah Winfrey relaunching Book Club with new Apple initiative

Oprah Winfrey relaunching Book Club with new Apple initiative

Oprah Winfrey is reinventing her beloved Book Club with Apple. The media mogul appeared at a launch for the tech giant's streaming platform, ...

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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BMX Backflip over Amsterdam Canal

BMX Freestyle rider Daniel Wedemeijer from Amsterdam saw his hometown upside down by doing a backflip over the canals.

Drew Pearce to script Mission: Impossible 5

'Iron Man 3' co-writer Drew Pearce will pen 'Mission: Impossible 5'. The scriptwriter has been given the task of writing Paramount's next installment in the action franchise, which Tom Cruise will star in as well as produce. Christopher McQuarrie – who directed Cruise in 2012's 'Jack Reacher' – has entered negotiations to direct, while J.J. […]

The Simpsons in Stop Motion

Did you catch the couch gag animated in stop motion by the Robot Chicken team? Watch it here!

Pixelated Movie Scenes

How many movies can you identify from these pixelated movie scenes?     Click here for more galleries >>    

Hunter catches flying bird with bare hand

This hunter uses something other than a gun or knife to catch this fast flying bird!

Red Hot Chili Peppers drum cover

Sure, you’ve seen lots of drum covers on the internet, but I bet you haven’s seen anything like this!

Kanye West vs. Sign

That Had To Hurt: Kanye West Walks Into A Pole Trying To Avoid Paparazzi With Kim! *explicit language*

The ‘INVISIBLE’ Chainsaw

A guy goes to work using his invisible chainsaw. Pretty believable with your eyes closed. http://youtu.be/YtaJthaeX6Y

Carrie Underwood not ready for kids

Carrie Underwood admits she is little “selfish” and isn’t ready to have children. The 30-year-old country singer – who married Canadian ice-hockey star Mike Fisher in July 2010 – says she has a tough time forming new relationships and wishes she had a softer personality. The ‘Blown Away’ hitmaker told the June issue of Marie […]

Time Waster – May 14, 2013

Time for you to think about what you want.  While you think about it, check out this gallery!       Click here for page 2 >>