Tattuesday- March 26, 2019

Tattuesday- March 26, 2019

These white ink tattoos are so cool

Tuesday Meme Dump- March 26, 2019

Tuesday Meme Dump- March 26, 2019

Hot memes, come get your hot memes!

Oprah Winfrey relaunching Book Club with new Apple initiative

Oprah Winfrey relaunching Book Club with new Apple initiative

Oprah Winfrey is reinventing her beloved Book Club with Apple. The media mogul appeared at a launch for the tech giant's streaming platform, ...

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Conan – If They Melded

Conan has mashed celeb videos together and got an unholy mess that’s part Kris Jenner, part Dalai Lama and more.

Immediate Justice

A biker does a wheelie and unfortunately hits the back of an unmarked police car. The rest is quite satisfying. http://youtu.be/aXZTwSyFoIs

You Stole My Look: Jennifer Aniston vs. Rachel Bilson

When Rachel Bilson first wore this Christian Dior look, we thought it was quite the magic trick. Oh la la! Rachel pulled a bunch of colorful scarves out of a boring LBD! It’s also… Read more at eonline.com

How to pick up a Chick

Perhaps this is not a technique you may have thought about, but maybe it really does work on some women.  It’s important to be honest!

People Are Amazing Compilation – June 2013

Another great compilation of people being awesome in every way possible.

True Facts About The Sea Pig

Take a break and learn something today.  This video is nothing but informative. *explicit language*

Denise Richards very close to Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards thinks she and Charlie Sheen are better off as friends. The 42-year-old actress, who divorced the 'Anger Management' star in 2006 after four years of marriage, has hit back at rumors that they may be getting back together and insists they are focused on raising their daughters, Lola, eight, and Sam, nine. She […]

Time Waster – June 11, 2013

Any time is a good time to waste your time. Right now seems like as good a time as any!     Click here for page 2 >>    

Time Waster – June 11, 2013 (Page 2)

Lucky you, there are more great pics to help you keep wasting time!     Click here to keep wasting time >>    

Car Flip Fail Becomes Unintentional Win

Considering how badly this could have turned out, it really is quite an epic win! http://youtu.be/N5ub779OVvo