Best of Seven: Freckles- December 13, 2018

Best of Seven: Freckles- December 13, 2018

Because who doesn't love a girl with freckles? Vote for your favourite below!

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Daily Dose

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Ellen DeGeneres once accidentally stole a dog

Ellen DeGeneres once accidentally stole a dog

Ellen DeGeneres has shared how she once accidentally stole a dog. The TV host, who is a long-time advocate for animal rights made ...

Uniforms vs real life

Uniforms vs real life

Girls with and without their uniforms are completely different!

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This dog can Skype!

Add this to the, ” I Thought I had seen it all” list.

Amazing NYC Subway Beatboxer

Seems the one woman closest to this guy is the only one not enjoying this.  This guy’s awesome!

Get Wet Wednesday! wants to help you over the hump with Get Wet Wedneday, enjoy!

Then and Now

This was easily one of my favourite shows when I was younger.  Crazy to see them now.

Robert Pattinson dumps Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson has reportedly dumped Kristen Stewart. The 26-year-old British heartthrob – who forgave and reconciled with the 22-year-old 'On The Road' actress following her "momentary indiscretion" with her 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders last summer – is said to have ended their four-year relationship over the weekend after a difficult few […]

Cat Actually Wins Cup Game

Is this the smartest cat ever or a robot? Or a smart cat robot?  Either way, it’s awesome.

LEAF: How To Make A Shoe Display

Tuesday Tango Time Waster

If time needs wasting you have come to the right place.  This is your Tuesday Tango Time Waster! Battleship IRL Waited too long! This is something we can all use I knew it! Be honest, you want these Yeah, that makes sense Dreams do come true The Perfect lunch Not sure how to feel about […]

Tuesday Tango Time Waster – Page 2

Please continue to waste some time with the Tango… Good day sir! Creepy how real this looks For Emergencies only Perfect timing 1 Is this a waving wave? So true… This would be cooler if it was a Taxi, am I right? Perfect timing 2 Photo bombed on the farm No thank you! <<Back to […]

Sick Penalty Shot!

So I guess you don’t have to shoot the puck to score a goal!