Uniforms vs real life

Uniforms vs real life

Girls with and without their uniforms are completely different!

Weird Wednesday- December 12, 2018

Weird Wednesday- December 12, 2018

It's about to get weird in this gallery

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Smile! The dose is here to kick off your Wednesday  

Charlie Sheen: ‘I’ve been sober for a year’

Charlie Sheen: 'I've been sober for a year'

Charlie Sheen is celebrating after achieving one year of sobriety. The former Two and Half Men star has struggled for several years with ...

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Friday Fails – Page 2

…more funny Friday Fails to help you end your work week with a laugh. Everything is wrong with this Eating healthy You’re doing it back-ass-wards Note to self: people only Funny part is, that’s a bottle of white wine College party Barbie Living the dream “A” for effort HA!  Nuts Ice rink + nudity = […]

Pixar meets Marvel

I’d actually watch some of these movies.  

Loop Pedal Perfected

Elijah Aaron covers Paul Simon’s Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes

Did that just happen?

No look half court shot…NO PROBLEM!

You Want A Job As A Train Pusher?

Are you qualified for this hands-on job of shoving as many people as possible onto a train? http://youtu.be/C4uKJOY9oKw

Chic City Girls’ Guide to Entertaining

Thursday Tango Time Waster

The work week is almost over so take a break and waste some time! Lucky cat This is just cool Not quite as cute Oh America! You’re doing it wrong. Pippi?  No way? Be honest, you want this! No one will ever notice… Can’t be worse than the original Your move Mittens Click here for […]

Thursday Tango Time Waster – Page 2

…don’t stop now, there’s lots more to see. Get it? Not sure if I want this or not!? Can I come in? It’s so good, once it hits your lips. Like a boss! Screw this, I quit Well, hello there! The perfect boat Safety second… Come at me bro <<Back to page 1    

Sexy Soccer PSA

If this is what soccer was always like, I think I would watch it more!

The Best Drum Solo on a Fat Guy

Surprisingly this sounds amazing, and it’s very hard not to laugh while watching it!