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Jonah Hill launches magazine

Jonah Hill launches magazine

Jonah Hill has launched a free magazine full of upbeat interviews with his friends. The Moneyball star came up with the idea for ...

Young celebs

Young celebs

Can you guess who most of them are?


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This is an amazing move by a world champion pole dancer…Jenyne butterfly!!! completely real. nothing fake about it at all.

Bruce Willis confirms Die Hard 6

Bruce Willis has confirmed 'Die Hard 6' is in the works. The action star will next be seen in the fifth instalment of the franchise, 'A Good Day to Die Hard', but before the film has even been released, Bruce has revealed there is yet another movie in the pipeline. When asked by BBC's 'The […]

Creepy Lip Sync – I Put A Spell On You

Nothing creeps you out like someone Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.  

How’s your posture?

If you were to do a quick body scan of yourself at this very moment, what would you notice about your posture? Are you sitting and slouching over the computer or are you focused on the alignment of your seated position with your spine long, core engaged and shoulders pressed back? Take a moment to […]

Fix your own back

Chiropractors are synonymous with treating back and neck pain. We are not the only profession that treats these types of injuries as physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists and others will also see patients with similar complaints. No matter whom you prefer to see for treatment of your injuries, the biggest thing that you should take away […]

Wakey Wakey Crotch Is Bakey

This could have ended a lot worse, but since it didn’t it makes it quite funny! http://youtu.be/KQETpgGEcMw

Super Mario Busters

A Ghostbusters / Super Mario Bros. Mashup.  This is awesome!

Get Drunk Without Drinking

The L.A. Beast is on a diet trying to watch his calorie intake, but he also likes to binge drink on the weekends. Here he demonstrates how to get hammered drunk, not by drinking alcohol. *explicit language*

Hula Cam at Venice Beach

You asked for more hula so here you go!  Filmed & Directed by Rob Völkel – http://on.fb.me/YmyCdo – Ninja Editing by Kaelan Barowsky – http://bit.ly/VBLKJq

Last Looks : Pretty Little Liars