Weekend Waster – July 24, 2016

Weekend Waster – July 24, 2016

So you've found some Sunday time to waste huh?

Birds Eye Views

Birds Eye Views

Some incredible views if, you know, you could fly

Horoscope: July 24-30

Horoscope: July 24-30

Overview for all signs Negotiate or bargain in personal or business areas. Take the time to weigh all the options before settling a choice ...

Justin Bieber’s lion warning

Justin Bieber's lion warning

Justin Bieber has been warned not to pose with exotic animals. The 22-year-old singer has received a letter from the Toronto Animal Service, ...

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Guys eat the worlds hottest pepper!

Guys eat the worlds hottest pepper!

Good to know that there is yet another thing I won’t ever try…ever! (one minor NSFW line)


Iggy Azalea doesn’t want to date

Iggy Azalea has been put off dating. The 'Fancy' hitmaker recently split from her fiancé Nick Young after she allegedly caught him having sex with another woman and has admitted the heartbreaking incident has made her re-evaluate the idea of relationships for the time being. Speaking to TMZ, she said: "I've only been single for […]

Ikea Puns

Ikea Puns

Donna isn’t impressed.

Dog eats burrito in 1 second

Dog eats burrito in 1 second

Sometimes I do too…


Best of Seven – Animal Photobombs

Vote for your favorite photobomb!


Courtney Stodden numb with pain

Courtney Stodden is “numbing” her “loneliness” with alcohol following her miscarriage. The 21-year-old reality star was expecting her first child with husband Doug Hutchison but sadly lost the baby last week and is struggling to cope with the pain she’s feeling. Posting a picture of a glass of champagne on Twitter, Courtney wrote: “Numbing myself […]


TGIF Awesomeness – Fun @ Work

And so ends another work week!


TGIF Awesomeness – Fun @ Work (2)

Start plotting your Monday work-shenanigans!


Friday Fails – July 22, 2016

Well, I guess your week could’ve been worse…


Friday Fails – July 22, 2016 (2)

Some valuable life lessons.