Face it, you failed!

Face it, you failed!

What kind of tattoo does one get on their face? Why another face obviously!

Zoe Saldana is three months pregnant

Zoe Saldana is three months pregnant

Zoe Saldana is "about" three months pregnant. The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actress - who has been the subject of rumors in recent ...

Random Awesomeness – July 23, 2014

Random Awesomeness - July 23, 2014

Take your time enjoying all the awesomeness that has been gathered in this gallery and you will be done work before you ...

WTF Wednesday – July 23, 2014

WTF Wednesday - July 23, 2014

It's time to enjoy a gallery that might make you feel a little uncomfortable, but also make you feel better about yourself.


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Assassin’s Creed Parkour

Assassin’s Creed Parkour

The video game Assassin’s Creed comes to life in this high energy parkour video.


Kanye West ‘jealous’ of Kim’s ex Reggie Bush

Kanye West is "jealous" of Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star – who has 13-month-old daughter North West with Kanye – has reportedly banned her family from mentioning her ex-boyfriend in her husband's presence because the 'New Slaves' rapper is worried the NFL football player still has feelings for […]


Drunk guy on Trampoline

Of all the bad ideas we have when we are drunk, jumping on a trampoline appears to rank up there as one of the worst.


I want one!

Some incredible, yet simple inventions you are guaranteed to want. Only question is, where do you buy these things?


Police advise Justin Bieber’s neighbors

Police have advised Justin Bieber's neighbors to place him under citizen's arrest if he disturbs them again. Law enforcement officials were called out to the 'Baby' singer's Beverly Hills home six times over the weekend – four times for excessive noise in the middle of the night – and as well as speaking to the […]


Tattuesday – July 22, 2014

With a tattoo sometime less is more. Other times, more is flat out awesome! Send your Tattuesday pics to [email protected]


Time Waster – July 22, 2014

Make today’s time wasting official with a quick glace at this gallery that is filled with so much time wasting material you may not go back to work.


Time Waster – July 22, 2014 (2)

Admit it, it feels good to waste your time while someone is paying you! It’s the best way to waste time in my opinion.

Arnold Ads

Arnold Ads

Here is a collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger ads that never aired in North America.

Whale Watching Very Close

Whale Watching Very Close

When the whale actually lifts your kayak off the water, you might be too close.