Monday Eats!- February 18, 2019

Monday Eats!- February 18, 2019

Lunch ideas to make you salivate

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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Daniel Radcliffe met his girlfriend during steamy sex scene

Daniel Radcliffe met his girlfriend during steamy sex scene

Daniel Radcliffe met his girlfriend while filming a steamy sex scene. The Harry Potter star appeared alongside Erin Darke in 2013 thriller, Kill ...

Interesting facts

Interesting facts

Do you believe these facts?


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A Bad Lip Reading – “The Walking (And Talking) Dead”

If this is what was really being said, I might actually watch this show.

Katy Perry tells Daniel Radcliffe to call her

Katy Perry wants Daniel Radcliffe to call her. The 'Harry Potter' star confessed to a crush on the 'Roar' hitmaker during a TV last month, and while Katy is dating singer John Mayer, she has urged her celebrity admirer to get in touch so they can be pals. She is quoted by The Sun newspaper […]


These guys are flawless. Watch to the end, it just keeps getting better.

20s vs. 30s – Guys Night Out

A lot can change in 10 years…for guys, as well.

Jessica Alba was a tomboy?

Jessica Alba used to be a tomboy. The 32-year-old actress is known for her enviable curves and pristine looks, but she admits she used to live in sports wear when she was a youngster, whereas her five-year-old daughter Honor is the complete opposite to how she grew up and is the “mini-me” version of her […]

Ping Pong Knife

I can’t decide if this is real or fake.  Whacking knives with a ping pong paddle and hitting such small targets?  Real or fake?

Halle Berry gives birth to baby boy

Halle Berry has given birth to her first son. The 'Cloud Atlas' star and her husband Olivier Martinez welcomed their first child into the world yesterday (10.05.13). According to People magazine, a representative for the actress – who the French star in July – has confirmed the happy news. It is said Halle's five-year-old daughter […]

John Daly hits a golf ball out of a guys mouth

John Daly is know as a wild man and this video is classic Daly.  Would you let him hit a golf ball out of your mouth?


Horoscope: October 6 – 12

Persist until you get to the bottom of things; it’s the only way correct choices will be made. Words or actions can be forceful, but allow compromise to some degree. A shift among the major players is a signal to those seeking change or resolution. Risky, unstable behavior goes sideways. Do damage control where needed. […]

Amazing Rat Tricks

A short video showcasing a handful of incredible rat tricks performed by my five talented rats: