TGIF Gifs- August 17, 2018

TGIF Gifs- August 17, 2018

Here they are, the best moving pics from the week

Friday Fails- August 17, 2018

Friday Fails- August 17, 2018

Take a minute to cruise through these Friday Fails

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Friday is finally here and we've got the key to having the best day ever

Simon Cowell certain One Direction will regroup

Simon Cowell certain One Direction will regroup

Simon Cowell has given One Direction fans fresh hope of a reunion after insisting the group's legacy is too important for Harry ...

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Scottie Pinwheel

They love their goats milk!

More Great Fails

Another great collection of people trying so hard and still not succeeding.

Naomi Campbell: I’m a gypsy

Naomi Campbell is a "gypsy". The 42-year-old supermodel loves travelling and is never happier than when she is discovering new places. She said: "I'm a gypsy. I want to see the new wonders of the world and spend quality time with the people I love." Although she is widely known for her temper tantrums, Naomi […]

Flashback Friday – Double Rainbow

Every Friday will take you back in time to relive some of the best viral videos of all time.  This week we ask the question once again, “Oh god, what does this mean?”

Happy Robbie Burns Day

In honor of Robbie Burns day please enjoy some beautiful women in kilts.

Friday Fails

Friday is a great time to laugh at other peoples misfortune, isn’t it?

Dude On Lead Horns Is Awesome!

He is unquestionably the horniest member of the band.

The Tango Loves Reggie Watts

Reggie at his best on Conan. How do you not love this guy?

Lucky Snowboarder

Does this still count as a fail?  This is so close to being a horrible accident. *explicit language*

Seyfried: I’m not shy about my ‘private parts’

Amanda Seyfried isn’t shy about her “private parts”. The 27-year-old actress bares all in her upcoming film ‘Lovelace’ – in which she portrays tragic porn star Linda Lovelace – and although she found the thought of being half-naked a “little strange”, she and her co-star Peter Sarsgaard weren’t fazed by the amount of nudity in […]