Best of Seven: Selfies- October 18, 2018

Best of Seven: Selfies- October 18, 2018

Another week, another bevy of beauties. Vote for your favourite below!

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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Courteney Cox: ‘I don’t see Friends reboot happening’

Courteney Cox: 'I don't see Friends reboot happening'

Courteney Cox doesn't see a Friends reboot happening, even though she would be up for a reunion with her castmates. The 54-year-old actress ...


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Didn’t see that coming!

Amazing shark week commercial with a surprise ending.

Best of Web 5 – Zapatou

Another great compilation of people just being awesome for 5 minutes! That’s right, 187 extreme video clips in 5 minutes.

Kick-Ass 2 hits back at Jim Carrey

'Kick-Ass 2' producer Mark Millar is ''baffled'' after Jim Carrey withdrew support of the film. The actor – who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes in the superhero sequel – controversially claimed he couldn't support the film's release due its graphic violence following the Sandy Hook school shootings last year, however, the film's producer has hit […]

Dog squirts water when he barks

A dog squirts water out of his butt when he barks. Seriously!

Girls Acting like Guys

So why is it guys get to act a certain way around people but girls can’t? This video might explain it! *Explicit language*

Justin Bieber falls down stairs

Justin Bieber injured his neck falling down a flight of stairs. The 19-year-old pop star took a tumble before a photo shoot for sportswear giant Adidas, leaving him with grazes on his neck. He was not badly hurt in the accident, and the 'Boyfriend' singer posted a video on Instagram of him talking about the […]

10 Most Paused Movie Moments

Blink and you might miss ’em. Counting down the top 10 most-paused movie moments.

Lindsay Lohan needs more time in rehab?

Lindsay Lohan has been advised to voluntarily extend her stay in rehab. The 26-year-old actress, who is due to complete her 90-days of court-ordered treatment on July 31, as part of a plea deal she struck to avoid jail for lying to police about driving during a car accident last year, recently moved from the […]