These band photos are wild

These band photos are wild

Photos of animals who look like they're in a band might be the most awesome thing you see today.  

Daily Dose- July 22, 2018

Daily Dose- July 22, 2018

Enjoy the last day of the weekend with today's Daily Dose

Jamie Foxx planning to expand digital talk show

Jamie Foxx planning to expand digital talk show

Jamie Foxx is making big plans for the future of his digital talk show Off Script because he would love to interview ...

Drunk Fails

Drunk Fails

1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila floor...    

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Kardashian clams up at divorce deposition

Kim Kardashian refused to answer some questions at her divorce deposition. The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star was deposed by her estranged husband Kris Humphries' lawyers on Tuesday (03.19.13) at her attorney Laura Wasser's office but when asked if she tips off tabloid magazines about her private life, Kim allegedly declined to answer. A […]

Time Waster – March 21, 2013

Wasting time is the easiest part of any day and now is as good a time as any to do it!     Click here for page 2 >>    

Time Waster – March 21, 2013 (Page 2)

…time wasting never ends, keep going!     Click here to view more Time Wasters >>    


Tim Hicks sings about the difference between Americans and Canadians and NAILS IT!

Cliff Jumping Hawaii

Cliff jumping to the extreme in Hawaii with some beautiful women, a guy in a monkey suit and a trampoline!  Summer can’t come fast enough. Thanks to Bryce for submitting this video.  Send your stuff to by clicking here.

Celebrity Sighting

It’s Antoine Dodson at LAX!  Hide your kids, hide your wife! Antoine does an impression of himself for everyone to enjoy! Relive the original video that made him famous.  

Jean Claude Van Damme wants Avengers role

Jean Claude Van Damme wants to appear in 'The Avengers 2'. The 'Expendables 2' star was happy to learn that Chris Hemsworth – who plays Thor in the Marvel series – wanted him to land a role in the forthcoming comic book caper and admitted he has always been a fan of the franchise and […]

Adele is planning her wedding

Adele is planning a top-secret wedding in Brighton, England. The 'Skyfall' singer – who gave birth to her first child Angelo James with her charity worker boyfriend Simon Konecki five months ago – is reportedly very involved in organizing plans for her big day later this year. A source close to the 24-year-old Oscar winner […]

Last Looks: Vampire Diaries

Kid thinks he’s going to jail

Little Boy Walks Out A Restaurant With A Cup And Now He Thinks He’s Going To Jail.  Funny stuff.