Best of Seven Selfies- September 20, 2018

Best of Seven Selfies- September 20, 2018

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Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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Beatles’ Let It Be film set for 2020 revamp

Beatles' Let It Be film set for 2020 revamp

The Beatles' Let It Be movie is to be remastered and re-released for its 50th anniversary in 2020, according to Paul McCartney. Director ...

Satisfying images

Satisfying images

These pictures are so satisfying

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Jurassic Prank

Terrified Japanese office worker chased by ‘dinosaur’ in bonkers game show stunt.

Affleck started building Batcave

Ben Affleck once started to build a Batcave in his house. The star – who was announced last week as the latest actor to portray the iconic superhero – was so obsessed with the character he built a replica of the entrance to the secret lair where Bruce Wayne keeps his alter ego's suit, weapon […]

Time Waster – August 27, 2013

Can’t believe it’s that time already!  It’s Time Waster O’clock.

Time Waster – August 27, 2013 (Page 2)

Page 2 might be better than page 1, but there’s only one way to find out.  Check it out!

Creepy guy!

This man so brazenly leans over to take a picture during the Rangers-Mariners game that it is either an optical illusion, and he’s actually snapping a picture of something other than the attractive woman next to him.

Hank and Marie Watch The Video Music Awards

Hank and Marie Schrader wonder where all the mineral music is.

The Simpsons Springfield full walking tour

Take a walking tour of the newly completed Springfield expansion of Universal Orlando based on The Simpsons.

Lamar Odom returns home after six days of hiding

Lamar Odom has reportedly returned home after going into hiding for six days. The Los Angeles Clippers basketball player was spotted driving into the gated community where he and wife Khloe Kardashian-Odom share a home together, looking gaunt yesterday (08.26.13), after she kicked him out last week because he refused to enter rehab for his […]

Super Mario Brothers Parkour

Real life Mario and Luigi doing what they do best: freerunning.

Shania Twain is searching for a producer

Shania Twain is searching for a producer for her new album. The 47-year-old country star has most of the songs ready for her next record and she is now looking for a studio expert to mastermind the LP. Shania has been doing her research by listening to a broad range of songs, including music by […]