Motivational Monday- September 24, 2018

Motivational Monday- September 24, 2018

Get yourself motivated for the week!

Monday Eats!- September 24, 2018

Monday Eats!- September 24, 2018

You're going to want to tie a bib on for this gallery...

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Go ahead, stretch the weekend out a little farther this morning

Hilary Duff fumes at paparazzo for ‘hunting’ her for ‘hours’

Hilary Duff fumes at paparazzo for 'hunting' her for 'hours'

Pregnant Hilary Duff has called out a paparazzo online after accusing him of "hunting" her down and making her feel "uncomfortable". The Younger ...

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Jamie Dornan to replace Hunnam in Fifty Shades?

Jamie Dornan may replace Charlie Hunnam in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. The British actor – who is best known for his roles in TV shows 'Once Upon a Time' and 'The Fall' – is emerging as the hot favourite to play Christian Grey in Universal's adaptation of E.L. James' erotic novel and sources claim he […]

Halloween Level: Expert

2013 Light O Rama Sequence to Awolnation Sail.

Why not, it’s Friday! | Dayman

Please enjoy this incredible version on ‘Dayman’ from the hilarious show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Kim Kardashian shows off gym results

Kim Kardashian has shown off her incredible post-baby body online. The 32-year-old reality TV star has been working extremely hard to shift the pounds she gained while pregnant with daughter North – her first child with boyfriend with Kanye West – pushing herself in the gym and sticking to the low carbohydrate Atkins Diet. Kim […]

Time Waster – October 17, 2013

The time you waste is gone, but who needs the full 24 hours a day anyway?

Time Waster – October 17, 2013 (Page 2)

What time is it? A good time to waste time! Just make it look like you are working and the boss won’t suspect a thing.

Bacon is Beautiful

Some people consider bacon to be the duct tape of the food world.  Here is a gallery dedicated to the awesomeness that is BACON!


It’s another hilarious bad lip reading video. Theme park manager Eddie Stark has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park’s grand opening.

Paint on a Speaker at 2500fps

Ruining a perfectly good speaker by pouring paint all over it, but hey, at least it looks pretty cool in slow motion.

Beyonce won’t let crew take pictures

Beyonce is allegedly enforcing a strict new "no-camera policy" backstage among her crew. The 'Diva' singer, who has a 22-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, with her rapper husband Jay Z, has also reportedly demanded her meals be served on crisp white tablecloths in all-white dressing rooms in every venue she plays at during her 'Mrs. […]