Tattuesday- September 18, 2018

Tattuesday- September 18, 2018

*Warning* These tattoos are super sexy

Tuesday Meme Dump- September 18, 2018

Tuesday Meme Dump- September 18, 2018

Leather bound football memes from week two of the NFL

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Get in here for a very relaxing start to your day

Kirstie Alley was warned off John Travolta by his wife

Kirstie Alley was warned off John Travolta by his wife

Kirstie Alley clashed with John Travolta's wife because she wouldn't stop flirting with her husband. The former Cheers star has been open about ...


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Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman films

Gal Gadot has been signed to appear as Wonder Woman in three films. The ‘Fast & Furious’ star, who will take on the part in Warner Bros.’ upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, admits she’s contracted to reprise the role of the superhero on multiple occasions. The 28-year-old model and actress confessed details of her agreement […]

Time Waster – January 23, 2014

Time wasting rules. 1) Grab a coffee.  2) Waste a little time. 3) Get back to work!  

Time Waster – January 23, 2014 (Page 2)

Friday is tomorrow, but it doesn’t mean you can’t act like it’s Friday right now and waste a little time.  

Ron Jeremy on a Wrecking Ball

Why not? Ron Jeremy performs “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

Justin Bieber charged with drunk driving

Justin Bieber was charged with drink driving, resisting arrest and drag racing. The 'Baby' hitmaker was arrested in Miami Beach this morning (01.23.14) after being stopped for allegedly drag racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini and soon after he failed a sobriety test, is accused of disobeying officer's orders and was found to have an […]

Bear Attack Prank

Now this has to be as mean and scary as a prank can possibly get.

Selena Gomez worries about pleasing fans

Selena Gomez worries she doesn’t do enough for her fans. The 21-year-old star admits she pushes herself hard in her work but no matter how tired she ends up feeling, it becomes worthwhile when she goes out on stage and sees her audiences. She said: “I don’t feel like I can do enough for my […]

LEAF: DIY Navajo Plates with Whitney Port

Welcome to Russia – WTF?

A gallery that will leave you with many questions and very few answers.    

Welcome to Russia – WTF? (Page 2)

Don’t lie, you wanna go to Russia on your next vacation so you can see all this for yourself. I don’t blame you!