Friday Fails Tank Edition! – December 15, 2017

Friday Fails Tank Edition! - December 15, 2017

All too often when driving my tank around Kelowna I think to myself: "Damn I'm good at driving a tank". These people ...

Daily Dose – December 15, 2017

Daily Dose - December 15, 2017

Dig into today's Daily Dose!

Taylor Swift: ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better year’

Taylor Swift: 'I couldn't have asked for a better year'

Taylor Swift has thanked her fans for making her 27th year special as she turned 28. The Shake It Off singer celebrated her ...

Life in Canada is awesome

Life in Canada is awesome

We live in a pretty awesome place as you can see by this gallery!

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Pin Me Up – Weekly Contest – Men

Congratulations to Tristan Huff who is this weeks winner for the Men! Greetings, my name is Tristan Huff, I am a Kelowna resident for 26 years now, born and raised and love the four seasons we get in this city. I stumbled upon this calendar contest for charity and had to make a submission for […]

Baby see baby do

If this video doesn’t make you say, “aww” then nothing will. After watching his parents pull of some incredible dance moves this 2 year old boy says, “Anything you can do I can do better!”

A Not so Perfect Landing

Not sure who to blame in this one, maybe the control tower? Wait, I don’t see a control tower!  

Tatum thought Sexiest Man honor was a joke

Channing Tatum thought his People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2012 title was a joke. The 32-year-old actor was recently awarded the honor but admitted he didn’t believe it at first because he is such a prankster. He said: “I play a lot of practical jokes so my first thought was ‘Y’all are messing with me’, […]

Layering for winter

Although it’s still somewhat early, after the gorgeous snowfall last week, I think it’s safe to say winter has arrived. And with the snow has come all manner of complaints over our sudden turn of season, which leaves me both amused and incredulous! I mean really, we have it pretty easy here in the Okanagan […]

Letterman’s Top Ten – November 14, 2012

“Top Ten Discontinued Guy Fieri Menu Items” Published on Nov 15, 2012 by CBS

Alexander Skarsgard tipped for Tarzan role

Alexander Skarsgard is tipped to take the lead role in ‘Tarzan’. The ‘True Blood’ actor has been linked with the role of the heroic adventurer alongside Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hardy, but director David Yates is said to have made his casting preference known. However, Alexander is yet to receive an offer and […]

Rihanna kicks off 777 tour in Mexico City

Rihanna kicked off her 777 tour in Mexico City on Wednesday evening (14.11.12). The ‘Diamonds’ hitmaker wowed fans with her performance, singing classic tracks including ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Take A Bow’ as well as two new singles from her upcoming seventh album ‘Unapologetic’, released later this month. She told the crowd: “It’s been such a long […]

Time saving fitness tips!

If you can attest to being one of the many that admit either career or family responsibilities take away from your availability of time for a workout, leaving you with an unused gym membership….. this read may just help you! Let’s start off with understanding that making the most of your available time is key! […]

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