Daily Dose- March 21, 2018

Daily Dose- March 21, 2018

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Hotel Fails

Hotel Fails

Lets face it. Sometimes you don't always get that gem of a hotel room you thought you were walking into despite all ...

Weird Wednesday – March 21, 2018

Weird Wednesday - March 21, 2018

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Kelly Clarkson: ‘Compromising yourself as a human is not okay’

Kelly Clarkson: 'Compromising yourself as a human is not okay'

Kelly Clarkson "laughed" when she was asked to be sexier as she kicked off her music career. The 35-year-old singer first shot to ...


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16 World Record Fails in 62 Seconds

Meet the new world champ at failure.

Drunk vs Stoned

A video to test if people function better drunk or stoned.

Bon Jovi sack Sambora?

Bon Jovi appear to have sacked Richie Sambora. The guitarist hasn't played with the 'Bad Medicine' rockers since failing to appear for a show in Canada in April, and has now reportedly been dropped from their payroll. According to Rumourfix.com the axeman was receiving $2 million a month as well as 20 per cent of […]


This girl is so distracted by her phone call, she walks right out into oncoming traffic. http://youtu.be/ac5miFdRaLE

The Beckhams go to Disneyland

The Beckhams enjoyed a family day out at Disneyland. David and Victoria treated their four children – sons Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, eight, and two-year-old daughter Harper – to a fun-filled trip to the world-famous theme park in California on Thursday (08.22.13) as part of their extended summer holiday in Los Angeles. The clan […]

Time Waster – August 22, 2013

Time wasted reading this is time you could be wasting looking at this gallery…SO STOP READING!  

Time Waster – August 22, 2013 (Page 2)

Don’t hide from your boss while you are wasting time, invite him over to your desk and share this special time!

Make a Ramen Burger at Home!

Meet the latest, greatest food craze since the cronut: the ramen burger.

Anna Kendrick’s lingerie hassle

Anna Kendrick gets embarrassed when fans approach her while she's underwear shopping. The 'Pitch Perfect' actress doesn't understand why people feel the need to ask for her autograph when she's got a pair of panties in her hands. She joked to GQ magazine: "There's something deeply embarrassing about being approached when you're holding knickers and […]

One Legged Baseball Player ROCKS!

You know he’s the hardest working kid on the team when his uniform is the dirtiest at the end of the game.