Life with a pregnant wife

Life with a pregnant wife

Happy wife, happy life, right?

Daily Dose – November 18, 2017

Daily Dose - November 18, 2017

Another fresh Daily Dose is teed up and ready to go!

George Clooney to front and direct Catch-22 mini-series

George Clooney to front and direct Catch-22 mini-series

George Clooney is set to double up as star and director for an upcoming TV mini-series based on Joseph Heller's classic novel ...

Redneck repairs

Redneck repairs

Rednecks can be resourceful too!

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Childhood TV – how much is too much?

Today more than ever our children are bombarded with options for their amusement and entertainment. Of course there are the classic toys, books, puzzles and children’s music that have been around forever and now there are newer versions of the classics with up to date electronic capabilities. But today there are also countless television shows, […]

Brain Freeze Contest FAIL

A brain freeze contest sure seems harmless enough, but that’s a lot of sugar.  It doesn’t end well for one of these people. *explicit language*  

Lindsay Lohan parties with new boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend partying with friends including her new boyfriend Avi Snow. The troubled starlet – who was sentenced to 90 days in rehab this week after pleading “no contest” to charges for lying to police about driving her car during a crash last June – was spotted kissing the musician and club […]

People of Walmart – Music Video

An ode to those crazy people we see while shopping at Walmart!

Unfortunate Name for Play by Play

Listen carefully and you sill see just what’s wrong with this play by play.

Dave Grohl slams talent shows

Dave Grohl wants to "throttle" singing talent show TV judges. The Foo Fighters musician – who has daughters Violet, six, and Harper, three, with wife Jordyn – would be furious if one of his kids was cut down by a panelist on a show like 'The X Factor' or 'American Idol' because he doesn't think […]

SXSW with leighannsays : A Filtered Western

Emma Watson strips naked for charity

Emma Watson has stripped off for charity. The 22-year-old star – best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise – has been photographed topless and covered in muddy water with an exotic flower between her teeth for a series of portraits in a new photo book and exhibition called ‘Natural […]

Uncle Drew

NBA star Kyrie Irving dresses up as old Uncle Drew and plays on a street court!

Great White Shark gets head into Diving Cage

I hope these folks brought a change of pants, they’re gonna need it! *explicit language*