Correct names for everyday things

Correct names for everyday things

A Twitter account that goes by the handle @CorrectNames has been posting genius names for everyday things that we've been getting wrong. ...

Best of Seven – Yoga Pants

Best of Seven - Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are truly a miraculous invention. Vote for your favourite below!

Daily Dose – July 20, 2017

Daily Dose - July 20, 2017

Take the majestic leap through today's Daily Dose!

Beyonce and JAY-Z worked hard to overcome marital problems for sake of daughter Blue – report

Beyonce and JAY-Z worked hard to overcome marital problems for sake of daughter Blue - report

Beyonce and JAY-Z reportedly battled to save their marriage for the sake of their daughter Blue. According to editors at People magazine, music's ...

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Vegetarian cabbage rolls

Not so negative!

I like to think of myself as a positive person, someone who still believes that the proverbial glass is always half full.  It makes my communication with others far more enjoyable and I also believe by staying positive and sharing my positive energy with others that my mental and physical health both benefit. I understand […]

SOPA Square

Stacey from SOPA Square and Kim look on as the roof of the ‘Granville Island’ style market is poured. This concrete roof is the largest volume suspended slab in all of Kelowna’s history!

Eating alone

I’ve been on the road this week, working away from home. It’s fun to have a change of scenery and to try out restaurants but I have to admit there is something lacking when you eat out alone. Sharing food with other people around a table is one of the most convivial activities I can […]

New York Fashion Week!

I’m back from New York Fashion Week, and I’m so excited to share all that I saw!   I attended fashion presentations, collections, and runway shows this year, and the fashion I saw was absolutely stunning. Viewing so many different shows allowed me to see the patterns and trends for the upcoming seasons, and I’m […]

Beef with VIP hybrid parking

With the overwhelming amount of rants that have flooded my inbox in the past week or so I thought this would be a great time to finally post one of them.  Please keep your beef coming my way by emailing it to [email protected] and you could find your rant here on Balsy’s Beef. Here’s Eli’s […]

Vino and Vinyasa Retreat

Jill, Angie and Colleen at the Vino and Vinyasa Retreat led by Laura Martini at the Waterfront Beach Resort in Osoyoos.

Rosemary roasted potatoes

Earn it don’t ask for it

Thanks again to all of you who keep sending me your personal beef and please keep them coming!  This week I want to go into detail on a topic I mentioned in my very first column.  I am noticing more and more that retail outlets and fast food chains are asking for TIPS and I […]

Terry Fox Run Fundraiser

As a fundraiser for the Terry Fox Run, employees of Pushor Mitchell pied Ron Solmer and Paul Mitchell. These two men were terrific sports for a great cause!