Redneck repairs

Redneck repairs

Rednecks can be resourceful too!

Friday Fails – November 17, 2017

Friday Fails - November 17, 2017

It's okay to talk about Friday Fails.

Daily Dose – November 17, 2017

Daily Dose - November 17, 2017

Rock out with today's Daily Dose!

Linkin Park releasing album featuring Chester Bennington’s final performances

Linkin Park releasing album featuring Chester Bennington's final performances

Linkin Park will honor their late bandmate Chester Bennington by releasing a live album full of his last performances. The rocker committed suicide ...


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Some incredible impressions

Could you imagine seeing this all-star cast in a movie together?  This will give you a pretty good idea how it would sound at least.

Vanessa Hudgens lost herself in tough role

Vanessa Hudgens struggled to "find herself" after completing work on her latest movie. The 24-year-old actress cut her hair short to play a homeless, abused girl searching for her father in 'Gimme Shelter' and admits it took time after shooting had finished before she felt like herself again, rather than her character. She said: "I […]

Lessons in Humanity

Some great footage captured from Russian dash cams. Stuff you want to see more of!

Paris Hilton blames Lohan family

Paris Hilton has suggested Lindsay Lohan’s family are behind her legal problems. The blonde socialite – who, like the ‘Mean Girls’ actress, has been convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) – thinks Lindsay’s erratic behavior and string of legal problems could be down to her relatives’ actions, especially her dysfunctional parents, mother Dina and […]

How To Get Girls To Kiss You

This is quite impressive. This guy has some serious skills and all he has to do is ask.  Who knew it was that easy?

Mario Bros. Indie Film Trailer

If Super Mario Bros. was an indie film, I believe this is what it would look like.

Alyssa Milano: ‘Motherhood changed my life’

Alyssa Milano says becoming a mother has changed her life. The 'Charmed' actress gave birth to son Milo Thomas 20 months ago and she and husband David Bugliari are so happy, they are already talking about having a second baby. She told People: "You think you know what love is before you have [kids] and […]

Best Squeeze Play Ever

Ferris High School Baseball. Squeeze play went from an out to safe. Sports fans unite!

My Head Hurts!

My head really does hurt from this.  I don’t get it, do you?

90 year old does double backflip

June does double back flip…wait for it!