Fergie sobs after learning of early album success

Fergie sobs after learning of early album success

Pop star Fergie broke down in tears on live TV on Friday after discovering her new album had debuted atop the iTunes ...

Next level book dedications

Next level book dedications

There are some of the greatest book dedications ever written to prove that writers can tell a story even in a sentence ...

Daily Dose – September 24, 2017

Daily Dose - September 24, 2017

Take in the scenery in today's Daily Dose!

U2 stalled new album release to perfect songs for concerts

U2 stalled new album release to perfect songs for concerts

U2 stalled the release of their new album last year, so they could perfect their new songs for a concert run. The band ...


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Red Hot Chili Peppers drum cover

Sure, you’ve seen lots of drum covers on the internet, but I bet you haven’s seen anything like this!

Kanye West vs. Sign

That Had To Hurt: Kanye West Walks Into A Pole Trying To Avoid Paparazzi With Kim! *explicit language*

The ‘INVISIBLE’ Chainsaw

A guy goes to work using his invisible chainsaw. Pretty believable with your eyes closed. http://youtu.be/YtaJthaeX6Y

Carrie Underwood not ready for kids

Carrie Underwood admits she is little “selfish” and isn’t ready to have children. The 30-year-old country singer – who married Canadian ice-hockey star Mike Fisher in July 2010 – says she has a tough time forming new relationships and wishes she had a softer personality. The ‘Blown Away’ hitmaker told the June issue of Marie […]

Time Waster – May 14, 2013

Time for you to think about what you want.  While you think about it, check out this gallery!       Click here for page 2 >>    

Time Waster – May 14, 2013 (Page 2)

Try and let your time waste itself and you will be waiting forever.  Step up and waste your time right NOW!     Click here for more funny galleries >>    

Hot Girl No Hands Car Wash

That’s right, they wash cars using everything BUT their hands… it takes a lot of skill and determination but they get the job done! WARNING: SEXY!

Meet Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry

Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry takes on The Black Keys ‘Lonely Boy’ as part of her Rockin’ spoons numbers series. Deb Rocks!

Special Effects Done Right!

Cool Special effects added to soccer goal celebrations.

You Stole My Look: Miley Cyrus vs. Willow Smith

Let’s forget the fact that neither of these starlets was alive when the original Beetlejuice suit was born. Because both Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith have recently stepped out in… Read more at eonline.com