Young celebs

Young celebs

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Daily Dose

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Kim Kardashian more private now she’s married to Kanye West

Kim Kardashian more private now she's married to Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has become more private since becoming Kanye West's wife. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star used to seek out attention ...

TGIF Gif- October 19, 2018

TGIF Gif- October 19, 2018

The best moving pictures of the week


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Usher beat up man?

Usher allegedly beat up a man in a club on New Year's Eve (31.12.14). The 36-year-old singer is reported to have been partying at Miami nightclub E11even when a man insulted his girlfriend – and rumoured fiancee – Grace Miguel, leading to him losing his temper and punching him repeatedly. A source told "Usher […]

Funny Photobombing

The only good bomb is a photobomb!

Funny Photobombing (2)

Some of these people really have mastered the art of the photobomb.  


Horoscope: January 4 – 10

The full moon in Cancer highlights any domestic or security concerns. Take caution to the next level; appearances are deceiving. Covert action continues. Put up blocks or barriers where possible. Jealousy causes competition and positions are changed or ended. Passionate words don’t necessarily indicate leadership. Finances are affected by deals being made behind the scenes. […]

Rihanna swears off musician boyfriends

Rihanna has promised to avoid having relationships with rappers. The Bajan beauty has previously dated ‘Loyal’ hitmaker Chris Brown and Canadian rapper Drake, but has now decided to avoid musicians when searching for a potential partner. A source close to Rihanna revealed: “She isn’t going to mess with anybody in the industry like that anymore. […]

Dr. Seuss Body Paint

Creative, weird and awesome the way Dr. Seuss would want it!

Bowl Madness

The names of these bowl games are getting a little out of hand don’t you think?

Iggy Azalea diagnosed with TMJ

Iggy Azalea has been diagnosed with the jaw condition TMJ. The 24-year-old rapper has revealed she is suffering with the painful ailment, also known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which can be caused by stress and restricts movement of the mouth and makes eating and talking more difficult. Despite her diagnosis, Iggy is staying positive and […]

What the…. WIZARD!

Solving a puzzle with just one letter turned has to make this guy a wizard.

Weekend Waster – January 3, 2014

Because of the holidays it doesn’t really feel like the weekend, but it is and this gallery will help you enjoy it.