Expectations vs reality

Expectations vs reality

Real life sometimes isn't as glamorous as it appears to be.      

Tuesday Meme Dump- May 22, 2018

Tuesday Meme Dump- May 22, 2018

Here's the best memes the internet has to offer today

Daily Dose- May 22, 2018

Daily Dose- May 22, 2018

The long weekend is over and if you're not quite ready to go back to work, we're here for you.    

The Weeknd scrapped ‘upbeat’ album after Selena Gomez split

The Weeknd scrapped 'upbeat' album after Selena Gomez split

The Weeknd ditched a completed "upbeat" album to make My Dear Melancholy following his split from Selena Gomez. The Hills hitmaker, real name ...

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Incredible Bad Beat

Poker players Connor Drinan and Cary Katz go all in pre-flop with aces at the World Series of Poker $1 million buy-in tournament.

Zoe Saldana gives support and love

Zoe Saldana is able to give her husband “support and love” because it is in her nature. The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actress – who is rumored to be pregnant with twins – married artist Marco Perego last year and thinks it was meant to be that she met her life partner later in life. […]

Allie Marie Evans – NYC Inspiration during BeautyCon

Tattuesday – July 29, 2014

I think these tats look awesome, what do you ‘ink’? (See what I did there?)

Time Waster – July 29, 2014

You could keep working if you really want to, but a little time spent on this gallery will make your day much better!

Time Waster – July 29, 2014 (2)

You’ve got this far, might as well keep going.


This one will hit ya right in the feels. Three German students make a big difference with a small gesture.

Lea Michele to guest star in Sons of Anarchy

Lea Michele is to guest star in 'Sons of Anarchy'. The 'Glee' actress has signed up for a cameo role in the final season of the biker drama and couldn't be happier to be making an appearance on her "favorite" program. She tweeted: "Woke up so excited today! Fun news to share… "I'll be appearing […]

Enemy cat

This kitten is evidently not a fan of strangers in the house, and she knows a few kung fu moves to put some fear into the ceramic cat.

Autocorrect Awesomeness

Just because it’s not what you wanted to say, doesn’t mean it wasn’t the best thing you could have said!