Daily Dose – December 14, 2017

Daily Dose - December 14, 2017

An explosive Daily Dose is fired up and ready to go!

Britney Spears stage invader heading for trial

Britney Spears stage invader heading for trial

A man who crashed the stage during a Britney Spears concert in August is heading to trial over the incident. The singer was ...

Better Recycling

Better Recycling

These people know how to re-purpose old items!

Weird Wednesday – December 13, 2017

Weird Wednesday - December 13, 2017

Roll into another Weird Wednesday!


Latest on The Tango


The moves these guys make don’t even seem human, but they are mesmerizing.

Toddler Meets Fathers Twin For First Time

That double take is awesome and so adorable. http://youtu.be/aNt8wDKjliQ

Brian May has good news on cancer tests

Brian May has had ''good reports'' back after undergoing several tests for cancer over the festive period. The 66-year-old guitarist – who had a knee replacement last year – was urged to go for MRI scans last month to ''rule out various kinds of cancer'' after he complained of agonising pain his back. However, the […]

11 Genius Products

A collection of things nobody needs but everybody wants.  

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon remarried

Pamela Anderson has remarried her ex-husband Rick Salomon. The couple's original marriage in October 2007 only lasted two months before they filed for divorce, but their romance was rekindled and the former 'Baywatch' actress has confirmed they have tied the knot once again. Asked by E! News about the nuptials, she said: "Yes … We're […]

Left Hanging Compilation

From athletes to politicians, everyone has been ignored when it comes to a high five and it’s awkward.

Headbutt to the nuts

The Price is Right for this woman and she celebrates like no one on the show has before.

Kate Moss’ 40th birthday

Kate Moss has been given sole use of Richard Branson’s luxury island to celebrate her 40th birthday. The supermodel – who reaches the milestone age on January 16 – has jetted out to his Necker Island paradise with her husband Jamie Hince, but it is said close friends will also join them for the party. […]

Star Trek: Derp edition

Slacktory’s fourth Derp Edition movie trailer goes where no man has gone before.

Air Scare

This is how you scare a professional basketball player…