Expectation vs Reality

Expectation vs Reality

Reality isn't always how you expect it to be...

Sunday Dose

Sunday Dose

Sundays are meant for relaxing and scrolling through the internet.

Kim Kardashian to keep marital home in Kanye West divorce

Kim Kardashian to keep marital home in Kanye West divorce

Kanye West has agreed to move out of the marital home he shares with Kim Kardashian as part of their divorce settlement. The ...

Gorgeous indoor spaces

Gorgeous indoor spaces

Absolutely stunning indoor living spaces from around the world.


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Motivational Monday – February 19, 2018 (2)

The European city centre with no street names

In the Quadratestadt of Mannheim, Germany, the streets aren’t named: instead, the blocks are. It’s an exception to a rule that most people don’t even think about — especially not mapping companies.

Drake urges fans to take part in 24-hour joy challenge

Hip-hop star Drake is encouraging fans to perform just one act of kindness for another person as part of a 24-hour Instagram challenge. The Canadian rapper recently showed off his generosity as he filmed his God's Plan music video in Miami, Florida earlier this month, giving away almost $1 million to local residents and organizations […]

This boat is uncapsizable

The Thunder Child (best boat name ever) can take a beating — as in, you can flip it over completely and it won’t skip a beat.

Monday Eats! – February 19, 2018

Take in some Monday Eats! with a view.

Monday Eats! – February 19, 2018 (2)

Get your bibs out!

Fergie gives what may be the worst performance of the National Anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game

This was so bad, Colin Kaepernick stood up.

Chris Rock: ‘Rihanna rejected me’

Chris Rock was rejected by Rihanna after he tried to chat her up at a party following his divorce. The 53-year-old comedian split from his wife of 18 years, Malaak Compton, in 2014 after repeatedly cheating on her, and was attempting to get back into dating following the divorce in 2016. Once the split was […]

Music really makes a difference

Next we’d really like to see Star Wars with a synth soundtrack.

Daily Dose – February 19, 2018

Fly into the workweek with today’s Daily Dose!