The Hustle

Release date: May 10, 2019

Glamorous Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway) lives in a gorgeous mansion in Beaumont-sur-Mer. She earns her money by defrauding gullible, wealthy men she meets in high-end casinos.

While traveling on a train, she spots Penny Rust (Rebel Wilson), an Australian woman who also runs scams on men. Their methods may be different, but they're both extremely talented at what they do. At first, Josephine decides to take Penny under her wing and train her. However, that doesn't work for long. Beaumont-sur-Mer is only big enough for one con woman.

They decide to make a wager. The first woman to swindle $500,000 from naïve tech billionaire (Alex Sharp) will win the turf war.

Additional details

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 94 min

Director: Chris Addison

Studio: Universal Pictures

Producers: Roger Birnbaum, Rebel Wilson

Screenplay: Jac Schaeffer

Cast: Rebel Wilson,Anne Hathaway,Alex Sharp

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