The Prodigy

Release date: February 8, 2019

A young couple is amazed when their baby boy, Miles, begins saying words. When he gets a little older, his mother, Sarah Blume (Taylor Schilling), has him tested and is told by the doctor (Paula Boudreau) that his intelligence is "off the charts." However, as we soon find out, Miles has a cruel streak.

When he gets to school age, Miles has a difficult time making friends and begins to exhibit odd behavior. Sarah brings in a specialist, Arthur Jacobson (Colm Feore), to meet with the boy. He tells her Miles is dangerous. Soon, it becomes clear to everyone that there's something very wrong with Miles.

Additional details

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 91 min

Director: Nicholas McCarthy

Studio: Renaissance Media

Producer: Tripp Vinson

Screenplay: Jeff Buhler

Cast: Taylor Schilling,Jackson Robert Scott,Peter Mooney,Colm Feore,Brittany Allen,Paula Boudreau

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