Release date: October 20, 2017

Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) is a satellite designer who has recently been fired from his job and his younger brother Max (Jim Sturgess) has taken over. Jake was responsible for building a satellite program named Dutch Boy, which controlled the weather around the world.

Three years later, Dutch Boy has started malfunctioning. The system is causing deadly weather patterns, including deadly ice storms in Afghanistan and cyclones in India.

When the team realizes that Dutch Boy is causing these unexplained malfunctions, they decide to bring Jake back to fix the problem. Max has to join forces with Jake to stop Dutch Boy from wreaking havoc across the globe. Unfortunately, Dutch Boy isn't the only obstacle they will have to face.

Additional details

Runtime: 109 min

Director: Dean Devlin

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Producers: David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Dean Devlin

Screenplay: Dean Devlin, Paul Guyot

Cast: Gerard Butler,Jim Sturgess,Abbie Cornish,Alexandra Maria Lara,Daniel Wu,Eugenio Derbez,Amr Waked,Andy Garcia,Ed Harris,Robert Sheehan

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