The Case for Christ

Release date: April 7, 2017

In 1980, Lee Strobel's award-winning investigative reporting earned him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. Things at home weren't going nearly as well. His wife Leslie's newfound faith in Christ compels Lee to utilize his journalistic and legal training to disprove the claims of Christianity -pitting his resolute atheism against her growing faith. Based on Strobel's bestselling book of the same name, THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a dramatic and heartfelt telling of their compelling journey. Coming to theaters in 2017, this moving story is for everyone who has ever pondered the existence of God...and what role He could play in their lives.

Additional details

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 112 min

Director: Jon Gunn

Studio: Pure Flix Entertainment

Producers: Michael Scott, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, David A.R. White, Karl Horstmann, Brittany LeFebvre, Alysoun Wolfe

Screenplay: Brian Bird

Cast: Mike Vogel,Erika Christensen,Faye Dunaway,Robert Forster,Frankie Faison

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