Why Him?

Release date: December 23, 2016

A straight-laced, overprotective dad named Ned (Bryan Cranston) and his family travel on holiday to visit his daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch), who's studying at Stanford. There, Ned meets his worst nightmare: Stephanie's new socially awkward billionaire boyfriend Laird (James Franco), who is by far the opposite of Ned's envisioned perfect suitor.

Finding him wildly inappropriate for his daughter, Ned sees Laird as obnoxious, rich, and worst of all, tattooed. When Ned discovers that Laird is planning to propose to Stephanie, his panic and one-sided rivalry turns into a mission to stop the engagement before it happens.

Additional details

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 111 min

Director: John Hamburg

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Producers: Stuart Cornfeld, Shawn Levy, Ben Stiller, Dan Levine

Screenplay: John Hamburg, Ian Helfer

Cast: James Franco,Zoey Deutch,Bryan Cranston,Megan Mullally,Keegan-Michael Key,Casey Wilson,Adam Devine

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