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Saturday, March 24     08:00 AM

Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna Locate on the map

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We rush, we hustle, we drive. It’s the constant presence of, and instant response to, signage that gets us there, guides us, tells us, and ultimately fill in the gaps… because without them, we are completely lost. Somewhere along the way, in our fast paced lives, we forgot where we really are. In that memory’s place, we have road signs dictating a single narrative from point A to point B at 100km/h. Small Signs of Big Change repositions these tools of disconnection in the form of a simple alternative beloved since childhood; a bright shiny sticker! Get it in a serving of instant gratification — at the Rotary Centre for the Arts during the month of March — and start to redirect your connection to where you are.

Visit for even more eco art.

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