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Public Art Call – Canada150

Tuesday, March 28     08:00 AM

Public Art Commission District of Lake Country Municipal Hall, 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road Lake Country, BC, Lake Country Locate on the map

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Description of the Interactive Sculpture Project
In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Lake Country invites artists to create an Interactive Sculpture/Artwork that invites engagement of the viewers. The artist would also participate in several public events that will take place in Lake Country during the summer 2017.
“Interactive Artworks” are described as art that involves the spectator in some way, such as:
– by letting the observer walk in, on, and around the artwork
– having reflective parts
– having parts that move or can be moved, movement that is triggered by a specific action
– use of lights or projections
– that enable the spectator to become part of the artwork in some way
– that may include sensors that respond to motion or sound
– and others
Canada 150
Artists are asked to consider this special anniversary for our country when designing the artwork, but rather than being restricted to the past 150 years, to look beyond this date, and to consider the future.
One goal of this public art project is to offer events for general public participation. Such activities may include art talks, performances, displays, demonstrations, or other events that will be inspired by the art being created. Creating this artwork in a park, as much as is possible, will be an important aspect of the symposium part of the Public Art project.
The Sculpture:
The sculpture must be created out of materials and with processes that make them suitable for outdoor, long-term display.
The sculpture can be made of any material that is suitable for outdoor display.
The sculpture must be designed to incorporate safety considerations.
The sculpture must be engineered in accordance with regulations or codes.
The sculpture that is created as part of this symposium will become the property of the municipality of Lake Country.
The completed sculpture will be installed at a location within Lake Country to be determined upon completion of the sculpture.

Other Dates:

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