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Matriarchal Muse -- A Conversation

Saturday, December 15     09:00 AM

Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna Locate on the map

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Roberta Nadeau and Noëlle Nadeau Khoo
Curated by Alissa Woodside and Noëlle Nadeau Khoo
Rotary Centre for the Arts, December 2 - December 31, 2018
Opening Reception: Sunday December 2 (noon - 4 pm) in the Galleria
Matriarchal Muse - A Conversation is a grouping of paintings carefully chosen to shed light on
this special mother - daughter relationship and how it is reflected through their art.
This show is a homage to motherhood, love, and sacrifice. For many years now, Noelle has
been dreaming and conceptualizing this exhibition to celebrate her mothers’ life and love.
Roberta Nadeau was an artist, art therapist and teacher who left behind an essay of her life in
paintings. Through trips abroad and still lives, the viewer will get a glimpse of her amazing
As a child of 4 and 5 years old, Noëlle remembers being brought along to an art class Roberta
was enrolled in at Kootenay School of Arts. Reportedly, she would stand alongside her mother
and paint at an easel for the entire 3 hour class. Everyone was astounded that this little girl
could almost outlast the college students!
Roberta was a devoted mother of four and was also devoted to art and created everyday that
Noëlle can remember. Life was art and whether one was setting a table, making a meal,
folding clothes, painting a canvas, or sharing conversation, all was approached with the same
reverence, attention to detail and joie de vie. Roberta was an inspiration to Noëlle and many
people who were fortunate enough to know her.
Obviously, with a lifetime of art left behind from Roberta, the gathering of this
commemorative show has been an emotional journey. Curators Alissa Woodside and Noëlle
Nadeau Khoo have found a balance that works. This exhibition of paintings has been chosen
after memories relived, tears shed, giggles shared, reflection, and love.
Alissa and Noëlle encourage the viewer to spend time to reflect on the work and story shown
here but, also on themselves, their relationships and where they are in life right now. For it
is a journey and conversation in and of itself.

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