What if the Earth started spinning twice as fast right now?

What would be the consequences and how would it change us?

People accidentally Googled the wrong thing, but the results were even better!

Grammar is tricky and we don’t always get it right, but if we misspell a Google search and hit ‘Enter’ before double-checking, funny things can happen, as you can see below:

Stefan Holm hurdles training

Swedish high jumper Stefan Holm jumps over extremely high hurdles.

Baby rhino is so very excited to go for a walk with his human friends

His human friends are equally excited but also deeply nervous that their little friend might excitedly knock them right out.

Best of Seven – Girls in Nature

As we continue to sit through a long, cold, and snowy winter, we can only fantasize about warmer seasons. This gallery might help! Who would you want to spend some outdoor time with? Vote below!

38 Saint Bernards wander a forest

And now, Your Moment of Zen: Meet Lasquite’s Saints — all 38 of them — ranging in age from 6 months to 9 years. They get to to roam this forest as freely as they wish, bringing happiness and hopefully whiskey to our hearts.

Daily Dose – September 2, 2016 (2)

Take your time through this gallery. The long weekend isn’t going anywhere without you!

Sunday Funday – August 28, 2016


Triggering your fear of heights (2)

“Nope” – The Tango’s Rob Balsdon.

Russian family has pet bear

Oh those Russians…