Olivia Munn dating Aaron Rodgers

Olivia Munn is dating Aaron Rodgers. The ‘Newsroom’ actress, who split from ‘RoboCop’ actor Joel Kinnaman recently after two years together, was spotted introducing her new NFL star beau to her friends over the weekend. A source told UsMagazine.com that the brunette beauty, 33, was all over the 30-year-old Green Bay Packers player as they […]


Emma Roberts scared of ghosts

Emma Roberts is scared of ghosts. The 23-year-old actress admits she’s worried a spooky figure will creep up on her when she is sleeping, so she makes sure she checks behind every piece of furniture in her bedroom before she settles down for the night. Speaking on the ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ last night […]


Halle Berry ‘healthy and happy’ after son’s birth

Halle Berry is “healthy and happy” following the birth of her son. The 47-year-old actress insists she’s not stressing over her postpartum pounds after welcoming her second child Maceo-Robert, whom she has with her husband Olivier Martinez, into the world last October. Speaking to PEOPLE.com, she said: “I’m healthy and that’s really good. When you’re […]


Rita Ora’s Fifty Shades of nerves

Rita Ora was careful not to ''embarrass anybody'' filming 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. The 23-year-old singer is set to try her hand at acting in the new blockbuster adaptation of E.L. James' best-selling erotic novel and she admits she was so nervous about her role – playing Christian Grey's sister Mia – she worried she […]


Turturro directed in his underpants

John Turturro directed ‘Fading Gigolo’ in his underpants. The 57-year-old filmmaker also stars in the 2013′s American comedy alongside Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone and after filming their sex scene he continued to work in his underwear. Stone explained on US chat show ‘The Talk’: ”It’s [the sex scene] pretty benign. It sounds a lot, […]


Jennifer Lawrence ignores her boyfriend

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult “ignore each other” when they’re working. The couple, who have been dating since 2011 after meeting on the set of ‘X-Men: First Class’ four years ago, have found a way to make their long-distance relationship work when they both have busy schedules. Speaking in an interview with the new issue […]


Bieber: Sorry I didn’t bow down to Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber is "sorry" he didn't "bow down" to Seth Rogen when they met. The 'Baby' hitmaker hit back at the 'Neighbors' actor – who previously branded him "obnoxious," "ungrateful," and "insincere" – after Seth recalled the first time they met during an interview on 'The Howard Stern Show', where he called the singer a […]


Kim Kardashian having ‘very small’ wedding

Kim Kardashian insists her and Kanye West’s wedding will be “very small” and will not be filmed for her reality show. The 33-year-old star took to her Twitter account tonight (07.05.14) to address rumors surrounding her and her fiancé’s big day in Paris on May 24. She tweeted: “Seeing so many different reports not gonna […]


Ellen Page’s tennis ball phobia

Ellen Page has a phobia of tennis balls. The 27-year-old actress is reprising the role of Kitty Pryde – who she first played in 2006's 'X-Men: The Last Stand' – for the forthcoming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and she was forced to use tennis balls as props when working on scenes which relied on […]


Emma Roberts’ tanning disaster

Emma Roberts looked like she “rolled in mud” when she had a spray tan. The 23-year-old actress admits other teenagers used to mock her pale skin, but her attempts to get a golden glow when she attended her friends prom ended in disaster. She recalled: “I was that person who went with the boyfriend’s friend. […]