Fifty Shades of Grey for August 2014 release

'Fifty Shades of Grey' will be released on August 1, 2014. Movie studios Universal and Focus Features have confirmed the highly anticipated film adaptation of E.L. James' best-selling erotic novel will hit the big screen next year. Focus Features revealed the news on Twitter, writing: ''#FiftyShadesofGrey is now a shade closer (sic)'' The tweet then […]

Seth Rogen: I’m a nerd in real life

Seth Rogen says people are often "disappointed" when they meet him because he isn't the same as is wacky movie characters. The comedy actor admits he is a "nerd" in his normal life and he believes his real personality leaves people yearning for the party guy he has portrayed in films such as 'Superbad' and […]

Channing Tatum wasn’t ‘good’ at school

Channing Tatum never did well at school. The 'White House Down' actor – who has previously opened up about his learning difficulties as a child – admits his childhood struggles with education left him worried about his future and he would have accepted "any career" before finding fame as an actor. He explained: "To be […]

Amanda Bynes calls Zac Efron ‘ugly’

Amanda Bynes has lashed out at Zac Efron on Twitter. In a post on the micro-blogging site, which has since been deleted, Amanda, 27, used her frequent insult on the 'Lucky One' actor, calling him "ugly". She wrote: "@ZacEfron has an ugly face (sic)." Zac isn't the only celebrity to face Amanda's wrath, she previously […]

Sandra Bullock’s Disneyland accident

Sandra Bullock says bad karma caused her to run into a wall at Disneyland. The 48-year-old actress exchanged playful barbs with 'The Heat' co-star Michael McDonald during a recent trip to the children's theme park in Anaheim, California, with pals including Melissa McCarthy, as well as her three-year-old son Louis and she thinks the wall […]

Travolta worried about future of film

John Travolta is ''worried'' about the future of cinema. The 'Pulp Fiction' actor has revealed he is concerned that blockbuster fare such as superhero movies are dominating Hollywood, leaving little room for ''character driven stories''. The actor admits he is not ''a comic book guy'' and likely wouldn't star in a big budget action movie […]

Kick-Ass 2 hits back at Jim Carrey

'Kick-Ass 2' producer Mark Millar is ''baffled'' after Jim Carrey withdrew support of the film. The actor – who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes in the superhero sequel – controversially claimed he couldn't support the film's release due its graphic violence following the Sandy Hook school shootings last year, however, the film's producer has hit […]

Lindsay Lohan needs more time in rehab?

Lindsay Lohan has been advised to voluntarily extend her stay in rehab. The 26-year-old actress, who is due to complete her 90-days of court-ordered treatment on July 31, as part of a plea deal she struck to avoid jail for lying to police about driving during a car accident last year, recently moved from the […]

Perry’s pals want Pattinson as her man

Katy Perry's friends want her to date Robert Pattinson. While the long-term friends have recently been romantically linked after growing close in the wake of the 'Twilight' actor's split from Kristen Stewart, Katy confessed this week she is still "madly in love" with her ex-lover John Mayer. Her friends hope she chooses to make Rob […]

Britney Spears wants Miley Cyrus to teach her how to twerk

Britney Spears has asked Miley Cyrus to teach her how to "twerk". Miley has attracted a lot of attention after performing the dance move, which involves a person shaking, wobbling and bouncing their hips and butt up and down, in her new video for 'We Can't Stop'. And it seems Britney was one of the […]