18 - Falling child

Smile, you’re on google street view

Google Street View appears to be more entertaining than anyone ever imagined.  


Very Lucky People

These people must be keeping their horseshoes in a very special place, because this kind of luck is rare!  


Random Awesomeness – April 11, 2014

You stopped working just before the lunch hour, this should help kill a bit more time before your boss lets you go home for the weekend!  


Random Awesomeness – April 11, 2014 (2)

How much awesome can one Friday possible have? As much as you want, so keep going!  


Friday Fails – April 11, 2014

You can not live your life being afraid of failing. These people actually embrace failure to a point that is almost awkward.  


Friday Fails – April 11, 2014 (2)

Some of these fails are funny, some are awkward and some look just plain painful!    

Beyonce and Jay Z

Celebrity Faceswap

Ten more great celebrity faceswaps from Buzzfeed.com.                    



A look at the power of Photoshop with some before and after gifs.  

To Fat

Time Waster – April 10, 2014

You are an incredibly hard worker and everyone at work wishes they were you. Now be a rebel and waste a little time, everyone is doing it.  


Time Waster – April 10, 2014 (2)

To be really good at wasting time you need to commit 100%, so after this gallery view a few more and really enjoy the time you waste!