Artsy Fartsy – July 22, 2014

Start your day by being amazed with the creativity and artistic talents of others.


Random Awesomeness – July 21, 2014

You are already more than halfway through your Monday, that’s awesome. Now add a little more awesomeness with this gallery!


Random Awesomeness – July 21, 2014 (2)

Having fun? Feeling awesome? Don’t be greedy, share the awesomeness with your friends and send them to this gallery.


Monday Gif-Fest – July 21, 2014

It’s Monday in the middle of the summer and you can’t bring yourself to work, we understand. Enjoy!


Monday Gif-Fest – July 21, 2014 (2)

We were going to call these galleries “Moving Photo Mondays” but that sounds stupid. Gif-Fest, now that’s a cool name.


Funny Animal Gifs

Animals are crazy and that’s why we love them!  Here’s some awesome animal gifs to help you through your Monday!  

I just can't stop myself with cat gifs today!! D - Imgur

Funny Cat Gifs

These cats are cute and crazy!      

5 - k4kAn91

I’m Stuck Mom!

Remember as kid when you thought you could fit anywhere? We all did it, and we were all wrong.

kid art

Recreated Artwork

Telmo Pieper, a Dutch street and mural artist, revisited his childhood by creating awesome digital paintings called “Kiddie Arts” that reinterpret his childhood drawings.


Random Awesomeness – July 18, 2014

It’s Friday, so make it as awesome as you can by viewing this gallery before you head home!