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Ice Cream! (2)

I can only imagine how much you want some ice cream right now. You should totally get some.


Best of Seven – July 17, 2014

Seven selfies so good it will be hard to pick your favourite! Send your selfies to [email protected]


Time Waster – July 17, 2014

Remember that time you wasted so much time that there was no time left to waste? If not, make today that day!


Time Waster – July 17, 2014 (2)

It’s times like this you are happy there is so much time in a day that you can just sit here wasting it.

Pizza Cone

Pizza Pizza!

Tired of eating pizza the same old boring way every time? Here are 22 different ways you can enjoy your next one.

Pizza Nachos

Pizza Pizza! (2)

I bet by the time you get to the end of this gallery you are going to eat a pizza. The question is, in what form?


Random Awesomeness – July 16, 2014

The most awesome part of the week so far is that’s Wednesday afternoon and the weekend is almost here. Please allow this to be the second most awesome part of your week.


Random Awesomeness – July 16, 2014 (2)

Hope you are not being selfish and enjoying these galleries all on your own. Remember to tell everyone is the office about all the awesomeness on TheTango.net.


WTF Wednesday – July 16, 2014

There are three questions I can guarantee you will ask after viewing this gallery. How? What? Why?


WTF Wednesday – July 16, 2014 (2)

Depending how you are looking at it, this gallery might make you feel better about yourself, or worse.