Monday Gif-Fest – October 5, 2015

It’s Monday and you want to forget that it is. This gallery is here to help with that.


Monday Gif-Fest – October 5, 2015 (2)

So many great moving pictures this week that I don’t know which page was better. I think it’s this one though.

1 - Leonardo DiCaprio

When they’re 80

A look at what some of your favourite stars might look like at 80.


Weekend Awesomeness – October 3, 2015

A gallery that is just what you need at this point in the weekend! Enjoy the awesome photos.


Weekend Awesomeness – October 3, 2015 (2)

The awesomeness isn’t over. This page is even better than the first one.

09 - 1QzRSRf


Capturing that perfect moment just before a dog sneezes is not easy to do, but when you do, it’s funny!


Weekend Waster – October 3, 2015

The weekend is finally here and you can finally do whatever you want for a couple days!


Weekend Waster – October 3, 2015 (2)

You ready to waste a bit more time? Good, ’cause we’ve got a lot more galleries where this came from. Check out the some past galleries when you are done here.

02 - 48kV95u

Ice Cream!

A gallery of people and animals eating ice cream will make you want to go get some for yourself.

14 - 5r0mLDS

Ice Cream! (2)

I can only imagine how much you want some ice cream right now. You should totally get some.