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20 Tattoo Fails

When you get a tattoo that you know will be with you for the rest of your life, you want it to be perfect. These ones are not!     Click here for page 2 >>    


20 Tattoo Fails (Page 2)

It’s galleries like this that should make you think twice before your next tattoo.   Click here for more galleries >>    

05 - QtWNKkI

Cartoons in College

A look at what college life may have been like for some of your favourite cartoon characters.


Cat or Pinup?

These cats are having a tough time with their identity. Are they Cats or Pinup models?

1 - e1osdnV

Merged Gifs Rock!

The only thing better than a moving picture is combing two of them that don’t belong together, yet kind of do.

2 - 168y0kV

Get Wet!

This dude has an incredible talent of drawing wetness. Yes, these are all drawn and painted by hand.


Best of Seven – August 21, 2014

A fresh set of seven selfies for you to judge this week. Send you selfie to [email protected]


Time Waster – August 21, 2014

Summer is almost over and you will have to hide your time wasting a lot better. Enjoy this time while it lasts.


Time Waster – August 21, 2014 (2)

If your time could be spent better it would be, so there should be no guilt for checking this gallery out.