Tattuesday – March 3, 2015

A commitment to a tattoo has less risk than a commitment to a person. A tattoo can’t decide to just leave you one day!

Time Waster-03032015-00

Time Waster – March 3, 2015

Today’s Time Waster is brought to you by the job you should be doing. It says it can wait for you to look at this gallery.

Time Waster-03032015-14

Time Waster – March 3, 2015 (2)

If you have more time to waste you would be silly to not waste it here.

Gas Station Fails-03032015-00

Gas Station Fails

These people truly do not know what they are doing at a gas station.

Monday Awesomeness-03022015-02

Monday Awesomeness – March 2, 2015

Look at that, it’s already time for some Monday Awesomeness. You’ve waited long enough, now enjoy it!

Monday Awesomeness-03022015-18

Monday Awesomeness – March 2, 2015 (2)

Monday can be a fun day too all you have to do is have the right attitude!

11 - 34ph5vY

Monday Gif-Fest – March 2, 2015

The first Monday in March deserves some quality entertainment. Enjoy these very funny clips.  

16 - SJ58RMG

Monday Gif-Fest – March 2, 2015 (2)

Every Monday should start with this much laughter…  

5 - wEOm0hb

Bee Sniffers

These Bee sniffing enthusiasts learned their lessons the hard way, but the pictures are still really funny!  

Weekend Waster-Mar1-04

Weekend Waster – March 1, 2015

It’s the beginning of a whole new month of time wasting and you can get it started right now!