Best of Seven Selfies – June 30, 2016

Here are seven very nice selfies that want to be the Best of Seven this week. Time to use your voting power to make one of them the winner.


Time Waster – June 30, 2016

If you are ready to waste time, we are ready to help you.


Time Waster – June 30, 2016 (2)

When you get this close to a long weekend you are expected to waste time and not work. Your boss understands.


Clean and clear

Check out some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the world.


Clean and clear (2)

This gallery kind of makes you wish you were somewhere other than work right now, doesn’t it?


Hump Day Awesomeness – June 29, 2016

Time for some middle of the week awesomeness.


Hump Day Awesomeness – June 29, 2016 (2)

Your Hump Day Awesomeness continues with another full page of awesome photos. In more awesome news, the long weekend is closer than it has been all week.


Weird Wednesday – June 29, 2016

You are about to get a full dose of weirdness that you may not be fully prepared for.


Weird Wednesday – June 29, 2016 (2)

Good fro you clicking to page two. This is where it get really weird.


Hipster 2.0

Prepare yourself for the newest generation of hipsters who have already been sighted in some areas.