11 - VGFp4BN

Advertising done right

If the key to good advertising is originality then I think it’s safe to say these are some of the best ads ever!    

Selfie Saturday-Feb28-09

Selfie Saturday – February 28, 2015

Saturday is a great day to share your selfies with the world. Send your selfies to [email protected]

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Photoshop Wizard

This guy uses photoshop to make very cool images of himself.

TGIF Awesomeness-Feb27-10

TGIF Awesomeness – February 27, 2015

It’s the last Friday of February so to celebrate this gallery is extra awesome.

TGIF Awesomeness-Feb27-19

TGIF Awesomeness – February 27, 2015 (2)

If you take your time looking at this last page of the gallery your weekend will start by the time you get to the end.


Early 20’s vs Late 20’s

A simple breakdown of how things differ in life between your early and late 20’s.


Best of Seven – February 26, 2015

Seven stunning selfies that all want to be your favourite. Only one will be voted the Best of Seven!

Time Waster-Feb26--02

Time Waster – February 26, 2015

In a recent study done by professional time wasters they discovered that time wasting while at work can improve your mood by 100%.

Time Waster-Feb26--18

Time Waster – February 26, 2015 (2)

If you work half as hard as you waste time you must be a top employee at your company!


Impressive Eyebrows

Emilia Clarke has some incredible control over her eyebrows and it’s kind of hot!