Dubstep Christmas Lights Show

Every year there is a house on your block that makes all the hard work your put into your Christmas decorations look like a waste of time.  This is that house!

Super Mario Beads 3

A beaded Mario in yet another epic suburban stop motion adventure.Longer and better than the first two, COMBINED!

The headbutt

As clearly stated in this video, “you headbutt someone, they don’t survive that!”  Here’s how to properly headbutt a cantaloupe. Step 1 – Make funny face…Step 2 – headbutt a cantaloupe http://youtu.be/NZ3YprL8CqE


Some of the craziest videos from the year.  This is some amazing stuff, enjoy!

Super Mario Beads 2

A beaded Mario in another epic suburban stop motion adventure.  This time things get a little more interesting.

Super Mario Beads

Flashback!  This is the first video game many of us truly fell in love with.  This is the first in a series of beaded Mario’s epic suburban stop motion adventures.

Jay-Z Explains Who He Is to an Adorable Old Lady

Jay Z is one of the highest paid musicians in the world, but still takes the subway and meets some adorable people in the process.  What a nice guy, no wonder Beyonce loves him so much. http://youtu.be/96z0IrwakcU  

Real or Fake – Baseball catch

I don’t know if I care if this one is real or not, it sure looks awesome!

The Amazing Car-Boat

Need, no, but do I want – YES! http://youtu.be/yTVpOeoU-7Q

Right out of a Hitchcock film

I don’t know how I would react if I saw this in real life, but I hope I wouldn’t have a stupid laugh like this guy! http://youtu.be/mPJ6NMTqYx0