Real or Fake? Best DUI ever!

I don’t know if this was staged or not, but even if it was it doesn’t make it less enjoyable to watch!

Key & Peele: Dueling Hats

Leaving the stickers and the tags on their new baseball caps does not appear to be enough.  This escalates quickly.

The Most Epic Dog Video In History

Dogs + “Inception” music = this epic video!

Goliath 1 David 0

Personally I am a big fan of the underdog, but in this video the underdog never had a chance!

Face it, this game is not for you!

Not sure how this play could have ended any worse than this.

Black Friday at a Dollar Store

Probably some of the best deals to be found on Black Friday were at this store!

No Way!

I have seen it and I still don’t believe it! This is unreal.

Heartwarming awesomeness

A look at all the positive in the world through the eyes of security cameras. Warning: may bring tears to your eyes!

How to pick up chicks at the gym

Crap, I think we’ve all been doing it wrong.  This guy is onto something!

Super Subtle

Get this kid some sunglasses so he can do it right!