Two amazing dances

A dubstep robot that will take your breath away and a mascot that knows how to use his outfit to pull off some incredible moves.  There’s no thinking, these two dudes know they can dance!

The Face-Plant Finale

It is safe to assume this is not how the show was supposed to end, but it is definitely a memorable way to close it out!


Proof that mother nature doesn’t care how good you look in that bikini!

I don’t think the gym is for you!

I know I shouldn’t be lifting weights, so I don’t.  These people still have a lot to learn in this workout fail compilation.

So, you used to date?

There has to have been some history between these two because this BURN seems personal!

Skateboarding insanity!

William Spencer shreds like no skateboarder I have ever seen, check this out!

Family Feud Fails

A montage of the worst, funniest, and most disturbing answers given during Family Feud’s 35+ year history.

Worst Ways to Wake Up

The best (cruelest) wake up pranks, all in one video. *language warning*

Rugby Rules 101

Rugby 101 – The rules of rugby demonstrated by women. Very beautiful women. This video actually makes me want to play rugby.

Dog Plays Piano and Sings

Meet Tucker, a one and a half year old Schnoodle who plays the piano and sings along at least 3 or 4 times every day.