4000+ Flash Mob

Feb. 16, 2013 – While the Maryland men’s baskeball team was defeating Duke on Saturday, the entire student section performed flash mob and Harlem Shake routine.

Super Spice Bros 2

Everyone’s favourite Old Spice Guy enters the popular world of Super Mario Bros. It’s quite awesome! http://youtu.be/Fl0TEtHvvO0

Hanging out with a Great White

Check out this amazing interaction between the most feared and misunderstood fish in the ocean and this female free diver named Ocean.

Speed Bag Drumming

Speed bag drumming to “Another one Bites the Dust”.  This is real talent!

Half-Court shot for Tuition

The last chance for a BU student to win tution in the Smitty’s Tuition shoot-out of the 2012-13 season. Mason Kaluzniak chose Bobcats head coach Gil Cheung to shoot for him, and then the rest is history!

Hockey Save of the Year

Jake Allen with a save of the year contender on T.J. Brodie.   St-Louis Blues @ Calgary Flames

Best Wall Ever

Bottle Cap Wall – 60,000 Bottle Caps put on a wall in 2 minutes.

Teen Wins Jeopardy like a Boss

Jeopardy! – The Exciting (And Amusing) Teen Tournament Conclusion.  Best answer EVER!

Backflip Hat Strike

This is the kind of applied ninjitsu that could very well save your life some day. http://youtu.be/2WkhtppDJFI

Infomercial Fails – Video

If you thought the gifs were funny, you’ll enjoy this!