Believe it or not, this is where all this Harlem Shake stuff originated.  Sometimes the internet doesn’t make any sense.  

Dangers Of Being A News Reporter

The Dangers Of Being A News Reporter.  As captured by…um…news reporters. *explicit language*

Don’t Mess with a Judge

Girl flips off Judge, hilarity ensues. 18 year old Penelope Soto is high as a kite and finds her court hearing to be quite entertaining. the judge however, was not amused.

The Luckiest Girl In Russia Today

The roads in Russia can be complete chaos at times.  This girl now knows that better than anyone!

War Film – General Archie

Keep your eyes open for this upcoming film.

Skydiving is not for everyone

Watch this hilarious clip recorded by two brother during parachute jump.

Big Air. Jeep Crash. Somersault!

What did they think was going to happen. This is 100% what I expected, you?

Worst Animal Show Ever

How was this show even allowed to be on the air?  This guy is horrible at his job.

Chain Hopping Disaster

The little chain blocking the grocery aisle looked so harmless…

Crazy Crash Can’t Stop This Truck

This truck eats it during a race and just keeps on ‘trucking’.