Bench Press: You’re Doing it Wrong

I don’t go to the gym but I still know this guy is not using this equipment properly!

Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

Change of pants?  YES PLEASE!  This is one scary prank, but funny because it happens to someone else!  Enjoy!


Warning: Your jaw may drop while watching this video and you may look like and idiot in front of your co-workers. Totally worth it though!

Dad Owns Kid With Free Kick!

Amazing that with a net that big, someone that small can make the save.

Rythmic gymnastics just got a lot cooler

Wow, I didn’t know that gymnastics could be this hot…

Party like it’s 1932

I know people in their 30’s that can’t pull something like this off.  This dude is 80!

The best accidental workout

Whether he’s tired or drunk, he’s doing it wrong!

Fastest way through the border – BY FAR!

Everyone thinks they know the fastest way through a border checkpoint but this might actually be the FASTEST! Swear to God, check it out!

Amazing acappella on subway

Now this is how you add a little spice to your morning commute. Keep your eyes open for the ONLY guy not “feeling it!”  

Old man with no shame

Safe to say no one at the wedding saw these moves coming from this old man, especially the young lady he tries them on!